Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 20-1-2019

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 20-1-2019

Hi everyone!

Welcome to a new sparkling Sunday’s TBR, and also I want to wish all my readers a happy weekend!

This week was a week where I took it mostly easy, as my body wasn’t too happy. I had quite a good reading week, reading several Harlequin Manga, tons of library books, and oh yes, one book from my TBR (sorry TBR Pile!).

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Stuur me een berichtje (adorable, but not all characters were good).

As for my Kindle TBR. I read various ARCS, like Skateboard Sibby (dreadful character but I loved the skateboaring), Just For Clicks (strong beginning, weak ending), One-Third Nerd (cute, if you forget all about Dakota the troll). Oh yes, I also tried/dropped We Told Six Lies. As for normal books/non ARCs, I also read a new Maisie Hitchins (and it was just as fun as always).

My Paper TBR went down by one, but also up by one as a new pre-order arrived.

So, time for a new Paper TBR Pile. Pretty much the same as last time, but with the addition of the new book. Hopefully, very hopefully, this week I will be able to read more than just one book.

This week I also got a new Kindle Top 6! With three ARCs, and three books that I really want to read.

And that concludes this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates. Hopefully next week I got more positive news about my TBR crosses fingers. I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday/rest of your weekend, and if it is as cold there as it is here, hopefully it is also filled with hot chocolate or other warm beverages. See you all next week again. \o

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