Birthday Book Haul 2019

Birthday Book Haul 2019

Afternoon everyone!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was absolutely amazing! First up I had delicious breakfast, and then my fiance and I went to De Efteling for a full day of fun! Since it was a weekday and the weather was a tad gloomy it was quiet in the park and we never really had to wait anywhere. I can tell you that is the best way to spend a day in an attraction park. Dinner was spend there and we had some delicious pancakes with bacon, mmmmmmm!

Back home my fiance had trouble deciding on which present to give first/which one last. I got 6 books, most were books that were on my shelves on Goodreads, however I also got two books I hadn’t expect to get (but yes, still wanted and he remembered). He also bought something superamazing, namely The Hogwarts Express in Lego! OMG! Can’t wait to build it and put it on display. twirls

The Bigger Boook of Parenting Tweets by Kate Hall, Science of Parenthood
Be Your Own Backing Band by Liz Prince
Fake Blood by Whitney Gradner
Cromimi by Yann, Gerben Valkema
Boemerang by Conz, Steven Dupre
Still Just Kidding by Cassandra Calin

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