Book Haul February 2019

Book Haul February 2019

Afternoon all,

February is almost over waves bye bye to an amazing month, and the books I am expecting won’t be coming in for the next days. So welcome to what books I bought/got in February. twirls

It was a quiet book-buying month, but still I got a few very nice books. Plus, it was my birthday and my fiance spoiled me with several books (see this post for which ones I got). Oh, I also bought a few ebooks (like Stripped Down and Gunsmoke & Glamour).

I would have had one more pre-order (namely the King of Scars book), but apparently DHL screwed up. I was wondering why it wasn’t coming in last week Friday, and my fiance checked the tracking for it, and DHL says it delivered it to us on Feb 4th. However, I haven’t gotten a book, I was home all day, there is no note. And today, I went past most of my neighbours in the flat… but no one had a package.. 😐 Whoop whoop. Next step is sending a mail to Amazon and see if they can help out. sighs

I can’t wait until March/April, so many books are coming out! \o/

First book = pre-order Second stack = books I bought this month

The Vanishing Star by Maureen Johnson

Yes, I’m Hot in This by Huda Fahmy
One-Punch Man 12 by One, Yusuke Murata
The Trouble with Perfect by Helena Duggan
The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods by Samuel J. Halpin
Royal Rebel by Carina Axelsson
A Friendly Town That is Almost Always By the Ocean by Kir Fox

2 thoughts on “Book Haul February 2019

    1. Thank you! I should really start reading it, but I am always worried (and at the same time excited) to start a second book in a series.

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