Library Haul 12-2-2019

Library Haul 12-2-2019

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to a new Library #4 haul! Eep! I couldn’t resist popping in Library #4, I had finished almost all my books from last week, so I wanted some fresh books. Plus it was just gorgeous weather today, sunny, not too cold. Perfect! I am thinking Spring may be around the corner crosses fingers.

First up I went to the main desk/help desk to bring back that one book that one of the librarians wanted last week, and after that roaming around to hunt some new books. I didn’t have much luck with new to the library books, but I did manage to find a few books here and there.

Sorry, keeping it short, I had a superduper busy day full with making tons of appointments for everything and anything (weddings are so much work!).

Stats: 5 books. All fiction.

Note: Goodreads didn’t have all the books, so missing books will be added to Goodreads as I read them.

Work Hard, Play Hard by Danique Bossers (not the right edition, will add mine as I read)
Een week op de Griezelschool by Jeremy Strong
Drakenbloed en Kamillethee by Joke Reijnders
Barry B.uh L.uh Bak by Elisabeth Mollema
De hoed by David Granados Niubó

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