Library Haul 13-2-2019

Library Haul 13-2-2019

Evening everyone!

Welcome to a new Library #1 Haul! I wanted some new books in my life, and I also wanted to buy a few extra little Valentines Day presents + wrapping paper. So off I went to Library #1!

I was hoping I would find some new books, last week I didn’t have a lot of luck (though I was happy with the Claires that I hadn’t read yet). But this week my luck definitely was for the better. I found books all over! I was delighted though given how big some of the books were my hands were also full and the books toppled from the stack at least 2 times (and then have fun trying to pick them up while balancing the rest of the books :P).

And I should really remember to check one part of the library as well (near the cafe/with all the tables), I keep forgetting to check there, I think it is because I don’t expect books there. Plus it doesn’t help that the books have a special sticker on them, for a long time I thought that it meant you can’t borrow them (there are books in the library that are special like that). But when I remember I do find some great books there, mostly brand-new books and from all genres and age groups. So here goes, remember you can get books there Mehsi, remember!

Stats; 7 books. 4 non-fiction, 3 fiction!

I still need to add one more book to Goodreads, I will do that tomorrow.

Ninja Kid by Anh Do
Kaaskoppen by Robert Vuijsje
Dikke Vik en Vieze Lies zoeken het uit by Sunna Borghuis, Eva van Aalst
Dikke Vik en Vieze Lies zoeken het uit by Sunna Borghuis, Eva van Aalst
Hallo, Meneer de Uil by Patrick Bremmers
Dinosauriërs by Matt Sewell
Het groot vloekboek – Nederlands by Marten van der Meulen, Fieke Van der Gucht, Robbe Verlinde, Willem van Beylen

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