Library Haul 19-2-2019

Library Haul 19-2-2019

Hi everyone!

Welcome to a new Library #4 haul post! Yep, it was gorgeous weather outside and I had some time to drop by the library today. I am so happy that the weather is improving for more spring-like weather, it is such a motivation boost in many fields.

I was hoping to find some new books, and while I did find a few, it wasn’t an amazing haul. Sorry guys, I always feel a bit sad when I have so little books to feature on this Library Haul post. I much prefer showing you guys amazing hauls (Spoiler: Like for instance my Library #2 haul for Saturday, which will be amazing). But I guess with libraries you never know if you will find books, if they add new ones and if they are findable. I guess it makes every trip fun though. You never know what to discover.

This time I managed to find a few new books, and had to ask for one of the newest releases (it was on the desk of that one librarian). Oh, yes, and you may recognise one of the books on this pile. Yes, that is the same book as last week. I hadn’t had a chance to read it, but since I wasn’t sure if I still had room for it should I find books I brought it back. Thankfully, I was in the library for a bit and it got put back again, ready for me to grab it again. I guess I could have asked, but I already ask so much at this library.

Stats: 5 books. 2 non-fiction, 3 fiction.

One of the 5 books isn’t found on Goodreads, will add it as I read the book. 🙂

Work Hard Play Hard by Danique Bossers
Piraat Blunderbaard by Amy Sparkes
Het ongelooflijk vreemde voorval in Bizarria by Adam Cece
Dood spoor by Henk Hardeman
Engel van Arnhem by Kate Ter Horst

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