Library Haul 23-2-2019

Library Haul 23-2-2019

Evening all,

Welcome to a very late Library #2 and #3 haul! We didn’t get home until around 7, and I really first wanted to relax a bit and eat some food before I wanted to write this post. What a day it has been, I visited both Library #2 and #3, but also got the wedding rings ordered (they are GORGEOUS), shopped a bit as I held an early spring cleaning this week, and now all I want is sleep!

First we went to Library #2, I had 10 reservations waiting eagerly for me to pick them up, which meant I could have a short walk through the library to see if I could find 5 more books. And yes, I did. I had a staggering big pile with tons of fun books. I told you my Library #2 haul would be amazing. 🙂

Then Library #3, first had to renew my subscription there as the year was almost over (really, where does the time go?), then I went to check out the new books, where I found 6 books, of which I took 5 with me. I wanted to bring the 6th one with me, but it was just TOO HUGE and would mean a lot of shoulder pain as I had quite a few hours to go. So I prayed that that one HUGE (Afghanistan) book would still be there when I would return. It was a gorgeous book, and I hoped no one would snatch it away. Also just checked online, and it weighs a nice weight of 3 kilos. Holy. 😛 I am very excited about one of my 5 lighter books that I brought with me at this point. Namely Tis hier geen hotel, I have been hoping to read for months, but only Library #1 had it and it was constantly loaned out (those who read my Library Haul posts may remember I talked about a book I wanted for a long time, well it is that one).

After that a fun, busy few hours in the city centre, and then back to Library #3. I didn’t have any luck at the Children’s/YA department, they didn’t seem to have any new books that were of interest, nor did I find any on the shelves. But thankfully I did find some new comics, and also found some new non-fiction books when I went to the ground floor again.

So, tons of books, and boy oh boy, I am just absolutely delighted that both my hauls were amazing.

Stats: 26 books. 6 non-fiction, 5 comics/graphic novels, 6 picture books, 9 fiction. \o/ \o/ \o/

NOTE: not all of the books are on Goodreads so some links won’t link to anything, yet. If I read them I will add them + update the links.

First picture = Library #2 Second picture = Library #3

Het meisje met de vlechtjes by Wilma Geldof
Kinderland by Mawil
Truth or Dance by Chinouk Thijssen
10 op een ezel by Mohammed Benzakour
Billy De binnenjongen by Frans van Deijl
Echte duiven vangen boeven by Andrew MacDonald
In de kelder staat een huis by Mark Haayema
Steve, de schrik van de zee by Megan Brewis
Wi brult daar in de jungle by Sylvie Misslin, Amandine Plu
Dida en het wilde woud by Clarisse van Veen
Over een hongerige leeuw by Lucy Ruth Cummins
Verhalen uit het ziekenhuis by René Hoogschagen
Mijn wonderlijke oom by Yvonne Jagtenberg
De Jodenvervolging in foto’s by René Kok
Zo kreeg Midas ezelsoren by Maria van Donkelaar, Sylvia Weve

Leef meer als een luiaard by Tim Collins
Als een muildier dat roomijs naar de zon draaagt by Sarah Ladipo Manyika
U als scheldwoord by Marc van Oostendorp
Ik heb 3 nieren by Marc Moens
Tis hier geen hotel by Saskia Smith, Martine de Vente
Verhalen uit de binnenstad by Shaun Tan
Sigmund 3 by Peter de Wit
Op Kamers 1 by Sylvain Runberg
Jong verzet 1 by Franck Dumanche, Nicolas Otéro
Stichting Z by Pierre Filippi
Afghanistan by Steve McCurry

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