Library Haul 27-2-2019

Library Haul 27-2-2019

Evening y’all!

Today was just absolutely gorgeous weather so I had to make some time to pop by Library #1! So welcome to a brand-new Library #1 haul!

I still had books to read, but 1 didn’t seem interesting, the other I wasn’t in the mood for, and third.. well the third could stay. 🙂 In the end I guess I could have held on to all 3 of the unread books, but hey, you never know with Library #1. Sometimes you find tons of new book, sometimes just a few, and something nothing.

It was quite calm, given that it is Wednesday, plus apparently a school holiday, so I had expected tons of people. I guess people were just enjoying the weather (which is gorgeous) instead of popping in for new books.

I walked around, melting a bit (it was quite warm at the library), and found several new books. Including one I am very very excited about, namely a new Vindeleer book! \o/

Stats: 5 books. 1 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

NOTE: Most of these books aren’t on Goodreads, I will be adding them as I read.

Sexy Selfies by Maria Genova
Op zoek naar de Vindeleer 2: De brand by Rob Geukens
Lezen is voor losers! by Beth Bacon
The Lost Magician by Torday Piers
Het menselijk lichaam by Walker Caldwell

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