Library Haul 4-2-2019

Library Haul 4-2-2019

Evening all,

Today I had the chance to go to Library #4 again! Normally I don’t go on Monday’s, but since tomorrow is my birthday…

Plus, I had to get a reservation, yes, I had one reservation. I don’t really do reservations at this one and Library #1 and #3 as they cost money. Luckily, Library #4’s costs aren’t that high, so I could do it. I just had to get this book and I didn’t want to wait for any of my other libraries to finally get it.

And holy wow. I had such an amazing haul. I had seen new books on their catalogue, but my readers and I know that generally these books aren’t in the library in the beginning as they are on the desk of one of the librarians. But apparently not this time, this time all these glorious books were just waiting for me in various places. Eeep!

While walking around, with a big pile of wobbling books, I saw the librarian who normally gets all the children’s/YA books first. She came to me and we had a fun chat about the new books/new releases. She is really nice and friendly. She didn’t mind me taking the newer books, and she also told her reasons why she wanted to check them out first. Which I could totally understand. Later on I bumped into her again when I picked up my reservation, which sparked another conversation. Yep, we talked a lot, and it was quite fun.

You may notice that I have 10 books now, and wonder why as I normally can only bring 8 books max with me for this library. Well…. they changed their subscriptions and I can now borrow 10 books every time! Yay!

Stats: 9 books. All of them fiction.

Rory de Raaf: Detective by Andrew Clover
Lily Quench en de draak van Asrijk by Natalie Jane Prior
De kleine Scheetjesles by Sunna Borghuis
Hoe Madelief de musical redde by Elisa van Spronsen
Papa-razzo by Ruben Prins
Het raadsel van Villa de Gaper by Anneke Scholtens
Siddernacht by Cis Meijer
Vinnie & Flos: Nieuwe vrienden by Marte Jongbloed
Een hond met leuke oren by Lauren Child
Te Paard: 4 by Laurent Dufreney, Miss Prickly

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