Review for A High Stakes Seduction: Harlequin Manga

Review for A High Stakes Seduction: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga in exchange of an honest review.

I was thinking what I wanted to read but nothing struck my fancy… then I thought of the Harlequin manga (8 more to go) and thought I would read that. So, an account girl meets a sexy CEO in a casino. Sparks fly, though I am a bit off-put by the forced kiss. I do hope the rest of their interactions are based on them both wanting it. Oh, and I just LOVE the cover. Though I wonder how certain things work (proportions/perspective-wise).

I just adored that Constance is an accountant. Sure, to me that is the most boring job, urgh, math, but I do love a girl who can do maths and is awesome at it. I also loved that she stayed in business mode, only allowing him to call her Constance, but nothing further. Though apparently our guy has a problem with it. Really? What did you expect her to do then? Jump around your neck? Try all the casino equipment? She is here to work. She has to be professional.

“So, you’re the one the government has sent here to displace us Native Americans.” Um, excuse me, you guys fucked up badly enough that someone has to pop by, don’t go blaming the girl for shit you did. It definitely has nothing to do with you guys being Native Americans.

Holy wow, that is keeping track of the books in a whole new way. Dang, man, that is so awesome. I was like her, thinking he may not take it that seriously and then boom, he opens the door and holy rows of documents.

“I’m sorry, Mom and Dad. I want to be a good daughter, but I don’t want to waste what I learned in college.” Oh, I love a girl who stands up to her parents and tells them no. Go girl!

OK, that forceful kiss is totally not forceful. In fact, it was super sweet. He did all the right things in my book. Holding her gently, telling her she looks pretty, and then softly kissing her. I was swooning and very sad when he had to end it. Aww! Shucks! I can understand our girl is confused though, she is supposed to check his books, and here she is kissing him. But I hope she doesn’t feel too bad about things. We see her be confused a few more times, and once again I can understand. But you just can’t easily suppress the feelings she has. Love doesn’t let itself be turned away. I do admire that she stayed strong for a long while, that she did her best to stay as professional as possible even though from the inside she was absolutely swooning.

Ah, doubt is setting in with her colleague/friend telling her to not trust things. I can imagine it does seem fishy that those books are all in perfect order yet something illegal is happening. What is being hidden and by whom? I am putting my money on Don though. He is acting very fishy + he is always gambling. While that isn’t prohibited in the casino, I still have big doubts about Don.

Oh my, I just adore his passion though and what he wants to achieve for his family, his heritage. It really changed my view on him further. I already seen a few other facets of him and he is a really interesting character, I can imagine that girls fall for him. He has looks, but also smarts and also a good heart.

I loved that they had the change to talk, about their families, about work, about heritage. And yes, some more! Ohhhhhhh mmyyyyy gooooddnnesss! Yes! Plus I am glad that John also understands Constance’s worries and is trying to help out.

No. NO. NOOOOO. NO drama. No. Nope. Given how the story went I had high hopes that it wouldn’t happen, but no. Argh. She overheard Don telling John something… Something that John never took to heart, but to someone who doesn’t know that it sounds like a bad thing. 🙁

Urgh, Don, just go away. Far far away. No one likes you.

The ending, I am crying here. It was just so beautiful and I am so happy for Constance, she doesn’t need to hide her feelings any more. She can be with John. And John can have a passionate life with Constance. Awww! Perfection! cries some more

And I also LOVED the art! It was just so pretty.

All in all, recommended to all. A passionate manga about two people who meet each other in circumstances that aren’t ideal but manage to thrive and overcome those and get a happy ending. You will be rooting for these two and you will love both John and Constance.

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