Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.1

Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.1

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Come to Neo-Venezia, Aqua with Akari. Discover beautiful places, see Akari grow, meet new friends, and more. I was so happy that this one showed up on Netgalley and that I was able to read it, I do hope that the other books in this series will also pop up, I need to continue reading this.

So I watched Aria years ago, back when it was still airing, and I just loved the show. It was a bit slow at times, sometimes a bit boring, but I just couldn’t stop watching because of so many other fantastic elements. I also tried the manga, but it is hard to find it because Tokyopop quit years back. I hope that they will be able to finish this whole series now, I will be waiting for it to be finished before I buy it though.

And this was a gorgeous read, I loved Akari so much more in the manga than in the anime. In the anime she is often a bit more immature/childish, whereas in this one she is quite mature. Of course, at times she shows a fun/less mature side and it was quite nice to see it, because it made her more interesting and more likeable. I loved how hard she worked, how hard she tried her best to become an outstanding undine, just like her mentor Alicia.
I had quite a laugh that she trained (at Manhome) how to do the gondola the wrong way. But hey, if there is an emergency just flip her rowing the other way and she is a speedboat. 😛
I loved reading the emails she was sending, though at times I found it a bit inappropriate when she was typing. Like with the fireworks show, instead of truly enjoying it with her new friends, she had her laptop on her lap. I get that you want to send a mail, and I get that you want to share those new feelings before they fade away, but really… I am sure it can wait.

We see more and more of Neo-Venezia as the story unfolds. We see tons of little sideways, alleys, secret paths, we see busy waterways and quiet ones, we see outside of it during Akari and Alicia’s picnic time, we even see the floating island and what goes on there (and what it does). I would so love to visit Neo-Venezia, find out the secrets, enjoy some delicious foods at fabulous restaurants, go in a gondola and let the undine take me to magical places.

I did feel that the training/how the time goes by was a bit weird. We do see some training but not that much, so it felt odd to see Akari get promoted. Yes, it was a few months after she has gotten there, so she worked hard for it, but I just wish we had seen a bit more of it. Of course, not too much because that would just not work out well.

I loved President Aria, he was just so silly, but at times you could indeed see that he is very intelligent. I have forgotten if he ever managed to get Hime’s love/attention, so I am eager to see that happen/see those scenes between those two.

We also meet other characters and while I don’t always like them, for instance Aika takes some getting used to, but eventually I liked her so so much.
However some, like Akatsuki, I never really truly like him. 🙁

The art is absolutely gorgeous. The backgrounds/scenery are just stunning, and I also like the character designs.

All in all, I need more Aria in my life. Maybe until the next volume comes out I will just re-watch the show again. 😛

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