Review for Bad Mooooove!

Review for Bad Mooooove!

A new Princess Pulverizer with tons of cheese, cows, puns, and oh yes, a big troll!

I was so excited, yes, I did bookshimmy, when I visited Library #1 and spotted this book in their collection. OMG, I could continue the story of Princess Pulverizer. What kind of good deed will PP do in this one?

It is the third good deed, and at first it seems like PP and her friends can’t find one, but then while searching for some cheese and bread (for grilled cheese which is a very important food staple in life) they find out there is no CHEESE! OH NO! And at first I thought this would just be cheese and getting the herd back to the village, but then there was a troll! Yes. A troll. Did I mention it has pink hair? Yup. Like one of those troll toys from back in the days. Though unlike those toys this troll is a pretty grumbly and bad troll.

I loved the cheese monster, though oh boy, it must have stank the heavens above given it seems to be summer here and there are some cheeses you don’t want to expose to the sun. 😛 It was a pretty interesting creation, though I can’t imagine it instilling much fear in the people it is meant for. But hey, maybe there are some cheeseophobes (is there an actual word for it? googles Ah, Turophobia!), you never know.

I did think that our princess has a lot to learn still. She is still trying to get the spotlight, still trying to let others do the work for her, things that aren’t right for a knight. But, I can see that she is finding out that three may be just better. Three is power. She is finding out that her friends are there for her, and that they have some surprising sides to them (next to annoying ones).

I am also happy that our knight and dragon aren’t that impressed with the princess and are willing to go against her and tell her what they think of her behaviour.

I loved the thing she got as a reward for the deed well done. I am sure that will be something that comes in handy in one of the deeds, can’t wait to see which one!

Of course, like the other books, this one contains many many many puns. Some had me laughing, some had me groaning.

And I again loved the illustrations that were spread throughout this whole book.

All in all, I would recommend this one, and I can’t wait for the rest of the books and the deeds that will be needed to be done before our princess can become a knight/go to knightschool.

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