Review for Expecting the Earl’s Baby: Harlequin Manga

Review for Expecting the Earl’s Baby: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

looks as innocent as she canYes, I know, we were done with the Harlequin Manga Party… but then they added new ones… and I couldn’t resist… I just had to click on request on most of these. The only ones I didn’t request were the ones that were so strongly historical and seemed boring. So I got 16 new Harlequin manga to read, be prepared. 😛

This one was the first, I just adored the cover, and the blurb seemed quite adorable and sweet. I was very much curious about what was so special about that night.

“Love? Marriage? They’re not for me. That’s something I could never have. On the night of my eighteenth birthday, one mistake changed my whole life.” Oh my, I wonder what happened that she had to change her name and past and everything.

Mmm, I am not feeling the spark just yet. If anything Seb and Daisy just don’t fit together. He seemed stand-offish and he was quite rude when he encountered her in the snow.

Also good grief, she is pregnant. So that is why their destiny gets changed. Yeah, if you are dumb enough to not use protection. Oh, we had sex 2 times, oh let’s just ditch the condoms and such the next few times.. rolls eyes at the stupidity of people

Sure, let’s get married? Just for the child who needs that title and such? Urgh. Sorry, if they had a spark I would root for them, but I am just not seeing anything between them. Seb is just so so boring and urgh, I can’t get a reading on the guy. And Daisy? I am not that interested in her. We find out a bit more on her past, but I still don’t understand why she ran away from it all. I am guessing something more happened, hopefully we get to the nittygritty soon. And we did, but I still don’t get it. Someone posted a bad picture online, that sucks balls, I agree, but it doesn’t seem that you need to change EVERYTHING for that. I am just confused. Plus, I frankly don’t get why Seb is all pissy about it. Something to do with his parents, but I don’t really get it yet. Then again, I kept having to blink due to me tuning out. This story is just so yawn.

Holy wow, Seb cleans up nicely. Hot dang. heart eyes

Of course, as expected, everything ends up in happiness.

yawns That was just so boring and the couple had zero chemistry. I am glad I write these reviews as I read the book because I frankly have no clue what I just read. 😛 Hopefully the other Harlequin’s are better. crosses fingers

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