Review for Gambling with the Crown: Harlequin Manga

Review for Gambling with the Crown: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just adored the cover to this manga, and so this one was next. How appropriate reading a romance manga on Valentines Day! I hope it is very swoony, the blurb does seem to promise quite some romance, though I am curious about why she has to play the horrible wife… I guess we will find out.

“He has a deep voice, hot and rough like desert sand. His haughty eyes are sharp like an eagle’s. I know better than anyone else that no woman can keep her cool when he gazes at her with those eyes.” Oh my! <3

Mm, I can imagine that she isn’t too happy that her boss is flirting and having sex with all the girls left and right. It must be pretty uncomfortable to step inside and see a girl hanging around (or getting pissed at you because they think you set it up).

“If I weren’t his secretary, even I might have succumbed to his charm and fallen in love with him.” Ohhh, now I am even more curious to see them get together.

snorts If you’ll excuse me, your highness… why don’t you try choosing your girlfriends by their intelligence instead of their bra size?” Ohhhhh, burn! That honesty! I am glad that he doesn’t take it the bad way but instead talks to her and even makes a remark that he is apparently glad he never fell for her, because it would have ruined any other relationship. Ohhhhh. Yes! Ship ship ship!

So he wasn’t destined to become a king, but now his brother doesn’t want the throne and thus it is Kadyr who gets it. Well, if Rashid has his way. I can imagine that Kadir isn’t happy with this turn of events, he has got a good business running (at least from what I can gather), and he would have to give that up (or only run it as a side job).

Ah, so that is what they meant with horrible. Kadir doesn’t want the throne at all, so he marries Emily to play the terrible wife so that Kadir’s father can’t trust him with the throne. That is a smart move, since I am guessing daddy dearest isn’t going to be listening to his son when he tells his father no.

Argh, the conversation between the two isn’t working out. Emily, just be honest! Kadir is also honest with you about why he is bedding so many women (apparently feeling lonely and he wants some warmth in his bed), you could at least tell him you are interested in him, and yes that you were jealous so many times. But I guess we are only at 29 pages, so there is still enough time for them to be honest and explore each other. 🙂

“The hot embrace and his sweet kisses are all just to trick those who see us. Despite that, why… is my heart beating so fast?” Because you want it, you want Kadir! ARgh!

swoonsI knew he would wear that outfit, but I hadn’t expected it. Totally blindsided me. He looks so hot in that outfit. swoons some more

OH MY. That kiss. That was hot, and I love that we see Kadir’s reaction to it. Not just Emily who is absolutely swooning, but also Kadir. Yes! We are finally getting somewhere with these two and I am shipping them even more than I did before.

snortsOMG, when they woke up in the same bed, and Emily got her first glimpse at a very happy morning penis. That reaction had me in stitches!

I didn’t like how Rashid just kept avoiding phone calls and his responsibility. Again, I understand that he doesn’t want the throne, and that he probably doesn’t like his father much due to his father hitting him, but still, it is your father. The one thing you can do is come and visit him before he dies. You don’t need to accept the throne, but at least don’t end with regrets.

I felt sorry for Kadir. He wants to mourn but is now also full of sadness because he is going to lose Emily (oh no you don’t) and he is angry because of his brother. I am happy that he can finally confess to someone the things he did as a kid.

And now I am crying. I want these two to be together, and of course I can tell my mind that there will be a happy ending (Harlequins so far always have a happy ending), but for now my mind just doesn’t want to see that. All it seems at the moment are two people who love each other but can’t be together forever, just for these last hours of the day.

Ah, Rashid is here, and oh my dramatic story that I totally didn’t see coming! I am glad that Rashid and Kadir finally had a good heart to heart about their issues and that they were able to make up their differences.

The ending, it was so perfect. I am still crying here, OK. This was just beautiful. I am so happy for everyone. This was the ending I was hoping for.

The art was just gorgeous! I loved the character designs, and the backgrounds were done so prettily.

All in all, HIGHLY recommended!

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