Review for His Convenient Marriage: Harlequin Manga

Review for His Convenient Marriage: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Which one to pick, my choices are dwindling we are almost nearing the end of this third Harlequin Manga Party. I was a bit curious about the blurb, I always love a good story about getting back on your feet and finding someone to love. However the cover… sorry, it didn’t drag me in. If anything, it is the reason why I took longer to read this one and I am still not sure. raises hands I confess, I am a big cover lover.

I felt sorry for the girls, their dad made a big big mistake and now they have to pay for it. 🙁 And they seemed to have such a wonderful family with tons of happiness. However, given what is said in this part, I can’t entirely be angry at the dad for what he did. He did it to save his family, to save his business. 🙁

“Francesca, I had you clean up this manuscript as a test, but you fixed everything, even the typos. It’s perfect. I thought you studied economics in college.” Um. What? I am sorry, even with what I studied I could probably fix a manuscript.
I did love that he gives her a chance to do something with her talents. Plus this was very sweet of him: “When we first met, you looked at me straight on. I know from experience that people like that are trustworthy.”

Oh no, a childhood friends she loves…. I can already feel where this story is going. Please, please no love triangle. Please?

“Now… my hands are dry and rough from washing.” Um, ever heard of using lotion after working? Or wearing gloves? Either of them works.

Haha, I just adore Chessie’s younger sister, Jenny. She is not afraid to tell people her opinion and rocks in school.

Oh, on chapter 25 we learn about Miles and why he is having trouble walking and has those scars. That poor guy. 🙁 I am glad that he didn’t stop writing, that he even became a writer because he couldn’t be a journalist any more. Go him! That is one success story. Although he did lose something, namely his wife. Wow, on the one hand I am glad that girl was honest with him, on the other hand, ouch.
Even later on we find out that the reason why he can’t walk is because he still has Shrapnel in his spine. Holy hell. 🙁 That must hurt so so much, and knowing that they can’t easily remove it.. Only 30% chance of success. Dang.

“You’re wearing your hair down. It makes you look gentle.” Correct me if I am wrong, but her previous hairstyle was pretty much wearing her hair down. And she looks, to me at least, the same as she always does.

What year was this written in? Given the PC I would think pretty recent, but he is about to marry her because people are looking strangely at them due to the sisters living with a guy. Whut? That doesn’t make any sense. Come on, she is working for him, and her sister is under age from what I can gather and Chessie is her guardian so they have to be together. I don’t really get what is strange about this thing. Oh well. Harlequin stuff I guess.

Aww, I did think it was sweet that Miles went along with Chessie and that they pulled in the whole crowd of the restaurant. 😛 I had a laugh how the people reacted and how they all swooned when he talked.

Why is everyone judging Chessie based on her clothes? Either the author isn’t good at drawing shabby/bad clothes, or people are just being ridiculous. To me her clothes look really cute and fancy.

snortsMiles when he gets a burned something on a plate during breakfast: “What is this burned pancake? An omelet?”
Jenny: “It’s all the same when it hits your stomach.” Um. While true, I am not sure if stomachs like burned stuff. 😛

sighsAnd here we go. Alastair is here! Yay! OF course he pops up out of nowhere just right after Miles did his proposal. Good grief. Also what? “But no matter how much trouble you’re in, getting married without waiting for me to come back is awful of you.” Um, guy, she waited for you, she send letters to you, she cried over you. It’s been a long long time ago. You don’t have a claim over her. But I am guessing he has some magical reason why he is suddenly popping up and asking her to marry him out of the blue without any indication before. sighs

Good grief, I am only on 55 pages out of 128… I thought I was much further in.

“I was hoping you would wake me up with a kiss.” You and me both Miles, you and me both.

Linnet.. urgh. I just don’t like the woman.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, that wonderful moment between Chessie and her uncle got ruined by Alastair and oh no poor jealous little Miles. Heavens.

Oh my, I already didn’t like Alastair, and now I just want to kick his nuts.

I do love that Chessie was waiting for Miles on his bed in her new dress, and that they had a good talk about all the things that happened, and we find out what is in the envelope. Oh wow, I am proud that he is willing to give it a shot and that seeing Chessie’s uncle work so hard to recover give him the motivation to also go for it. tears up I am still hoping for some more romance, but I am guessing with only 20 pages to go we won’t be getting a lot of it. 🙁 Such a shame as with each page I am seeing more and more of their love and I can truly see a spark between them.

“Chessie, I made my decision. I’ll get better and make you my real wife.” AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! swoons

OK, I am definitely crying now. And sure, due to all the stress for wedding and moving and such I am crying about anything these days, but this was just too beautiful. I love this couple, and here I thought I wouldn’t, in the beginning it seemed like they didn’t have the spark that much, but with each page I saw more and more of their feelings, and I just loved that they were able to open up to each other. Miles putting down the walls he had put up after being hurt so so badly. In the end I love both of the characters and I wish them all the happiness and luck in life. cries some more

I should end it with that, but I still have the art to talk about. Well, the art was also pretty decent, though at points a bit eh, but still it was a surprise given I didn’t like the cover art that much.

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