Review for Isadora Moon Gets In Trouble

Review for Isadora Moon Gets In Trouble

Isadora get in trouble! Yep, our sweet Isadora gets into big big trouble in this book!

At first I thought I already read this book when I was at Library #1, but then I found out I hadn’t read it. OMG. I just love the Isadora Moon series, they are cute, sugary, glittery, and fun. I was very much curious on how Isadora would get into trouble and how her parents (and school) would react.

In this one we see Mirabelle, Isadora’s niece, visit for half-term. I was happy to see her again, though my happiness quickly disappeared when she did some not so good things in this book. Yes, Isadora should learn to stand up for herself, that is very important, BUT, Mirabelle is older than Isadora and shouldn’t abuse that fact and persuade Isadora to do things that Isadora may not want to do.

At first the magic is pretty fun, I love the idea of them changing themselves to tiny format and then have fun with the slide and the doll house. What a fun idea, I would have loved to do that when I was little as well. However, then she makes a dragon and I just knew that was a terrible idea. Yes, it didn’t spit out fire, instead tons of pink and glitter, but it did grow and it did make a terrible terrible mess. Still, instead of saying no, Isadora took the dragon with her to school. Trouble had already started at home, and I knew that it would be full blown chaos at school.

I wasn’t happy with how Isadora lied to her parents, but I am glad with the ending. She really does need to stand up for herself, say no. I hope that she learned her lesson from the things that happened in this book. And that she stops lying to her parents, they are so sweet and deserve honesty and truth. I am also happy with Mirabelle. Good girl.

The ending had me smile, haha, I am glad that their friendship is still strong. I hope they have a very fun week full of glitter and happiness, though without any naughtiness.

And of course, I can’t forget them, the illustrations are still so cute and fun. I love the style and I love how pink everything is.

All in all, I need more Isadora Moon in my life. And I would recommend this one to everyone.

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