Review for Just For Clicks

Review for Just For Clicks

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This book has been on my Netgalley Your Shelf for several months. I never was in the mood for this book, but I decided to just go for it. I knew if it wasn’t now it would take me much longer, and I didn’t want that.

So first half of the book: 4.5 stars. Second half: 1 star.

The first half of this book was really fun to read. We meet Claire, whose life is pretty muc hon the internet thanks to her mom. She has a vlog, gets clothes from sponsors, has to do all sorts of things. This sounds like a dream, but Claire is totally over it. She wants to live a normal life, not have to worry that anything she does will be online in a matter of minutes. She is tired of the comments, the harsh mails, the critique. She wants to be Claire. Given all we read in this book, I can imagine that she wants to step out. Her sister, Poppy, loves it, but you can see that Claire is happier to just be behind the scenes. I adored that she could code and that she maintained the website. I do love myself a coder girl!

Our girl meets with Rafael and she falls in love with him. But she is quite clumsy and at times says the wrong thing so for most of the book it is just all very awkward. At times I wanted to get into the story and just push her into Rafael’s arm and get them to kiss already as it was clear both of them were interested in each other. I didn’t like how Rafael went ahead and made that resume and then also read all about Claire’s life. That is just a no-no. What did you think she would do when you gave her that resume. Teehee and be happy? Sorry no. She was just so happy to meet someone who doesn’t know Claire from the vlogs, blogs, and mediastuff.

Eventually we find out a big secret about Poppy and Claire, and her life, already messy and chaotic, is falling further and further apart. I quite liked the twist, I have to say I already had a suspicion there was something off. Thank you to the writer for writing it so excellently.

However in the second part things fall apart. Instead of telling her mom, and yes confessing, that she knows about the big secret, she hoards it inside her. I was shouting at her to just talk to her mom. Come on, I am sure it will be a tearfest for a bit, but if you want answers you should ask your mom. She probably has all the information and can help you out further. Then there is the whole Rafael situation and the fact she is lying about things. Telling people she is with Jackson? Why?

Her already quite wonky relationship with her sister (as I would call it, you could see they had a good bond at times, but often she was very resentful towards her sister) turned even more sour when her sister wasn’t that impressed with the big secret, and I was totally agreeing with her. Come on, it is not like you suddenly aren’t x and y. Family is more than blood or genes. I also found it hilarious that she thought the internet world wasn’t for her because of that secret. Um, people are different. Believe me, I have seen families with brothers and sisters who are totally polar opposites. One sister would totally be into make-up, the other didn’t care. But oh well, whatever makes Clairebear happy I guess. 😐

I also found it hurtful that she acted towards her mom like that. Yes, her mom is quite pushy. And yes, things happened because mom posted everything online, but it is still your mom. She still loves you, cares about you. Just wants the best for you. Just talk with her. Maybe ask someone else to be there for support, and talk.

Because that was also the problem I had with this book, no one talks. They all just crop it up. And then it is just waiting for the explosion, as these things crop and bubble and grow. For instance that whole contract thing? If you don’t want it, then it is done. You shouldn’t feel forced to sign it. I get that your sister is probably hurt by it, but I think she will get over it. If you just talk.

I also had expected a bit more vlogging/blogging/photoshoots. There were like 1 or 2, and maybe some mentions of things, but I just didn’t get the full picture of it and that is a shame. Constantly we are reminded that they have to do a lot, have to post tons, have to communicate, yet we don’t see anything happening.

And sorry, I found it a terrible idea what Claire did on the 22nd of November. Sorry, but you can’t just pop by like that. You can’t just do that. I am glad that Rafael is near, to talk some sense in her, because oh boy.. Sadly, sense isn’t a thing that is in our girl’s inventory.
Oh, boy, I didn’t see that twist coming. I am sorry, but then I was totally doubting our girl’s sanity. Who the hell would stay? Who the hell would just let their love interest leave? I wouldn’t. No freaking way. Also, it was quite confusing as she went from wanting it and feeling sorry to being quite mean and rude. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but dang that was confusing. Oh, and then she gets pissy when Rafael steps in and saves her. sighs

sighsMore drama arrives and I was just so done with this book. Plus I found her real bitchy when her mom was so sweet to let the girls go to Disney. Man, if that was me, I wouldn’t have minded say yes right there, even after a shitty day. I never been to Disney, but have wished to go since the one in Paris opened.

And some more drama, and then finally it all wraps up as pretty as a Christmas present. Sure, I was happy that they FINALLY talked, but it took way too long for me. And of course, suddenly, Claire is also OK with her mom’s blog. Gee. That took you long enough. 😐 And of course, everything else also clicks together. Again, on the one hand I am happy, but really, it just didn’t feel all too natural to me. Which is a shame. Plus, all of the sudden she does want to make vlogs? Um? Um? UM????

So yeah, strong start, weak finish. It is a shame. 🙁

I will give this book 3 stars, there were good moments, but sadly also not so good moments.

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