Review for Married in the Morning: Harlequin Manga

Review for Married in the Morning: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

Here we are, number 8 of 16! Yep, I am slowly making my way through this manga, and so far I am enjoying myself. Yes, they aren’t always good, yes, at times they are terrible, but I have found some wonderful stories with sweet romance and cute characters that you want to root for. I am hoping to find that in this one as well. The blurb (and the cover) look/sound fabulous. I am quite curious how much they had to drink that they got married in Vegas (given the girl has no clue about anything), and what kind of things they will go through before reaching their happy ending.

I love that, instead of what several other Harlequin manga do, we don’t start with them waking up and married, instead we see that they are having a party to celebrate, and are going all out. Gina has a clear attraction for her boss, and I can also see that spark in him (which is later also confirmed when we see his POV on the situation, eep!).
Oh, and I can understand that she is hesitant to go into relationship (or show weakness) given her family, however I do think that her boss won’t be that type to marry her or have sex with her because of this. But you never know, Harlequin stories love to throw random things at you.

Ah, we arrived at the moment of the blurb. Haha, she is slowly remembering some details, and I had such a laugh at her facial expression when she slowly figured out things. Man, girl, you had too much to drink. Way too much. I loved that she is remembering most details but the important one. Namely the marriage. Ohhhh. snorts Gina spots her underwear (thong) in one of the curtains: “Oh! What’s it doing there?” Yeah, girl, I am wondering that as well, how hard did you guys rip off each other’s clothes?

I do feel sorry that she can’t remember. Such a big night, and she was totally off this world. 🙁 She now feels quite insecure and is unsure what to do with this situation.

See, Harlequin stories love to throw stuff at us. Wow. We went from confused to sad in just a few pages. Poor Gina!

Aww! I am glad that they finally had the talk, that Gina told Gerrick that she doesn’t remember, and I definitely loved his comment back to her. That is just the sweetest. I have high hopes for this couple, though we still have to go 80 pages… so there is a lot that can happen. I hope mostly good though. Sadly, so far I am pretty bored out of my mind. Sorry, nothing is happening and these characters just don’t have the chat they need to have. Plus, they should just get together already and kiss. Come on! Both of them want it, and yes, I get that work is standing between them, but that apparently didn’t stop you from having a drunk night out in Vegas. 🙁 I did like that Gina finally took some more action and even wore that sexy dress to work. If talking won’t work, and Gerrick is being unsure, just seduce him. 😛 Just like your daddy told you to do. Ah, finally some action! “Please, teach me that!” Oh my!

sighsBut as expected, drama happens again. I was just so happy to see these two melt together, and now they are having a silly argument again. Please.

Gerrick, don’t give that poor dad a heart attack! He just recovered from one! And I had a laugh that all of his family members knew what Gerrick was about to say, and were even wondering how he hadn’t figured it out on his own. snorts

Happy ending time! I am glad that had this talk, but yeah, it is a bit annoying it took so long, I had so so hoped for way more cuteness and romance. Some sexy scenes.

But the art was certainly fabulous, I loved the expressions the characters had when something happened (like surprise or flustered).

And sure, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. Still it had it’s good moments and I still had fun reading it at points. Plus that art!

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