Review for Royal’s Child: Harlequin Manga

Review for Royal’s Child: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The party continues, welcome to the next Harlequin Manga! This time featuring a girl looking for a happy place/a job. I was quite curious about this estate, what dangers lurked, and how they would fall in love (because that is bound to happen).

Wow, dang, I can imagine she just quit her old job… I would have done the same if some old geezer constantly groped me. Eww.

Ehm, I wasn’t sure how I felt about her begging him, though I can understand she is desperate, especially given the earlier page. I do love the little girl and how she was so sure that our MC is an angel that was meant/destined to come. 😛 Now I am curious about that story. And just a few pages later we find out a snippet of why the girl thought an angel would come to her. That is quite sweet. But I wonder if that is all to it or if there is more. curious

I am sorry, I can just laugh at the names of these people. The kid’s name is Madeline Justice, our handsome strangers name is Royal Justice, and our MC’s name is Angel Rojas.

Awwwww, shucks, that was so adorable, that she went to care for Royal’s child so he could run off to make sure other parts of the house were fine during that big storm. Though I guess it also may have hurt his heart seeing her and Madeline lying together like that. That poor guy, having lost his wife. 🙁

Oh wow, that is magical that Maddie drew an angel who looks exactly like Angel, birthmark included. I guess it was destined for Angel to work (and thus fall in love with Royal) at the estate.

Go go Royal! I loved that he did that for Angel, that is so sweet. He immediately took action.

“That’s right. I only hired her… because Maddie became attached to her.. right..?” 😛
and this one: “What’s wrong with me recently? Now that I think of it. I’ve begun to look at Angel all the time.” Oh my! Yes!

Wow, tornadoes? Storms? It seems to be quite the dangerous place. I wonder how he noticed the tornado, it was in the night so he should have been asleep. Do they have some kind of alarmsystem?

Awkwarrrrrdddddd! They have to sleep together in the same room/bed after that tornado (though I really wonder why only that one room in that entire ESTATE was fine. Convenient for the plot I guess.), and at first it is OK because Maddie is there, but now without Maddie? Oh my!

Ah, that guy she met first is a serialkiller/rapist. Urgh. shivers I see the danger part of the story now. That guy seems to be following her wherever she goes. Probably not too happy that one of his prey left him.
Awww Royal, that is so sweet. “I’ll always keep my family safe.”

No, Angel, no. He is falling in love with you! You are allowed to fall in love with him as well! Yes! Confession! Though with the art it looks more like he is about to stab her and murder her. 😐 Really, that art is so distracting.
Awww, marriage! Yeah! They are now engaged! Though I have a feeling that we won’t just get all the happy moments, not with that creepy dude still stalking around somewhere. But for now, in this moment I can smile and enjoy the happiness. I am so happy, and Maddie’s excitement is adorable.

Yeeeeeeeeep, there we go. He magically leaves the house. Oh yes, we have a mister policeman nearby. HAHA, I guess you guys haven’t read enough stories to know how this one will go. And yep! Here we go! It was a thrill to read these parts, but dang I was swooning when Royal swooped in like that! Eeeeeeeeep! swoons

Oh god, the tears. Oh God, the tearsssss. That revelation about who the lady was that Maddie saw! cries I am so so crying right now. Dang. I guess I could have seen it coming, but I totally didn’t. Dang.

All in all, I LOVED this story, though I am rating it a bit lower as the art was at times pretty cringy.

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