Review for Star Collector, Vol.1

Review for Star Collector, Vol.1

I received this one from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just can’t resist books with cute covers, and this one, a manga-styled comic, was right there with cute covers! I wanted to know more about this duo, would they be together? Would there be romance?

It all starts when Fynn’s girlfriend breaks up with him, and he is left flummoxed about the whys and hows. As he contemplates things he meets up with the cute Niko who gets angry at Fynn for smoking when he is looking for stars. Fynn reacts like how most smokers do, though I also could see his side. Generally this is his spot, his space to calm down and have a smoke. I can imagine he isn’t amused that someone just pops up and goes complaining.

But from that moment Fynn is hooked, he needs to find out more about Niko, especially after getting a tiny telescope from Niko. And I was also hooked. I loved seeing Fynn go to school (which is apparently a rare event) and searching for Niko. It was adorable to see these two get together, to see the sparks light up between them.

However, I did think the pace was a bit fast. I mean, Fynn just got dumped by his girlfriend, and he is already drooling over the next person (as you could see that he was quickly interested in Niko in a different way than friendship). Plus, that he was totally fine with kissing a dude. Yes, he questioned things, but he was quick with accepting and it just felt weird and off. Normally people don’t just go Oh, I just kissed a dude, and I like it. And then want more. I would have liked more of that, it would have made the relationship that is blooming between Niko and Fynn a bit more realistic.
While I did like that he made things up with his ex-girlfriend, I did feel sorry for the girl as it must also hurt her to see him just move so fast.

I liked that we saw more of Fynn’s home situation, find out more about him, and see why he is so stand-off-ish.

There was also some drama, and yes, at times I was rolling my eyes at it all. Come on guys, please.

And the Perseids thing that Fynn got notoriously wrong also got on my nerves. I did have a laugh though that Niko got it wrong once as well. 😛 Persieds.

The art was just gorgeous. I loved how the characters were drawn, there were so many details to them. And then there are the backgrounds, dang. Nice!

So all in all, I had fun reading this one, and I was shipping these two together. I loved the stargazing aspect to it, and how Fynn also started liking it. I will definitely have to check out the next volume in this series to see how their relationship goes on.

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