Review for The Bride Hunter: Harlequin Manga

Review for The Bride Hunter: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Yup, 2 Harlequin Manga on 1 day! I couldn’t resist this one any longer, the cover just looks amazing and while I do have some doubts here and there about the blurb, I am also curious to see how things will go and if both characters find happiness.

This manga starts with how Anna and Connor got married at Las Vegas. Yup, it was a fast flirting and marriage kind of thing, but I do have to say I saw the spark between them and I was delighted with their dates. Though I do wonder if they were completely sober when they got hitched. 😛

Ah, Anna tells Connor what happened to her ex and why she ran away. I am happy that she doesn’t keep that sitting between her and Connor like how other Harlequin Manga do. I am kind of curious why Connor looks so guilty when Anna started about the PI, is he the PI? Or does he know more? Mmmmm.

Connor: “I’ll protect you. I’ll watch out for you, Anna. I will protect you from all of your worries.” Awwww! That is adorable, but I do have my reservations given that this is just page 14 of 128.

Oh my, things are starting now. What is going on with the name Rebecca? Why doesn’t Anna know more about her past? What I said before, is Connor a PI? But is he hired for Anna’s past or for Anna’s creepy ex boyfriend? I am kind of leaning towards Anna’s past, given certain things. My questions are answered just a few pages later, and I am happy that the story is moving at this pace. Though I am not sure how I felt about her doing all that causing him to magically lose that. Mmmmm. Good pace, but the story has some big holes.

After the guy just throws her on the bed and holds her down. “You are still my wife.. and this is my house. You need to remember that.” Ending with that he doesn’t do anything but it still creeped me out. I get he is pissed that she ran off, had a baby, and didn’t tell him anything, but this is just nope.

But I do like seeing both of them together, they are quite sweet together and I love the easy trust between them, that is not something many will achieve in so little time together. Also I love finding out more about both these characters, and I love how sweet and caring Connor is. How he tries to help her, to make her stronger, more self-reliant.

Holy crap at the story about Anna/Rebecca’s past. Dang. That is one big stinky mess.

Anna/Rebecca, please. I get that it is all sooo much, but you can’t keep running away. Think of your child and what kind of image that gives. A mom who, when things get tough and heavy, runs away? Do you want that to be something she remembers her mom by?

I love how Anna/Rebecca’s hair seem to magically grow and shrink with each panel. At times she has hair over her butt, other times it just reaches the end of her back, then just a bit over her butt, and wow wavy long hair again. 😛

Whoop, for once I don’t mind the drama that always hits at the later point of the story. Because this time we see some actual drama and development that feels right. Not just shitty added drama, but instead good drama.

Awww, that ending, it made me sniffle and tear up. It was just the perfect ending for this story.

All in all, a wonderful story/manga, I really loved reading it.

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