Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-2-2019

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-2-2019

Afternoon all,

Happy weekend everyone, and a happy welcome to the a new Sunday’s TBR Updates. Warning, my TBR is quite sad so be sure to give it a few cuddles, I know I did.

This week was a busy one, finding rings for the wedding (which are stunning), getting a dress (it is GORGEOUS and I want to wear it forever), going to libraries, work stuff, and more. I hope next week means I can take it a bit easier, my body is screaming for sleep. Thankfully between stuff, I had time to read books here and there. Library books, ebooks, ARCs.

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Eh, nothing. Sorry, I already hugged my TBR and told him I was sorry. I did try out that Perfect book, but I just wasn’t in the mood for it. Also wasn’t in the mood for those other two books.

What did I read from my Kindle? I tried and dropped: Drop Dead Gorgeous (the men in this book were so aggravating), Night Owl From Dogfish (one of the characters acted so pretentious it got annoying). I did read both of the Literally Disturbed (both of them were pretty OK, not as scary as I had hoped).

My TBR stayed the same this week. Though I did order some new books so it may go up again this week, depending on how fast Amazon sends them.

I will just be using last week’s picture for today’s TBR Pile as it is the same. Wish me luck that I will be able to read one or more books from it this week. crosses her own fingers as well

I do have a new Top 6 Kindle books as I have a few books on there that I would love to read.

And with that another Sunday’s TBR Updates comes to an end! Thank you for reading, and sorry for the disappointing TBR pile, I wish I could have posted that I read them all. But here is to next week, I will try my best! I hope you all have a fantastic and wonderful Sunday. Until next week when I hope I have some better TBR news.

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