Waiting on Wednesday ~ Boyfriend for Hire

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Boyfriend for Hire

Evening everyone,

Happy We-are-halfway-through-the-week, also known as Wednesday! This week I got a sizzling book I am waiting for, Boyfriend for Hire!

As you can see in the title, the boyfriend is for hire, as our MC is an escort (oh, my!) who has vowed to never fall for a client… until he meets THAT girl. I am very curious about our male MC, and I am also curious to see how he is going to handle the situation when Elle finds out about his escortservices and that he was hired! Plus, I can’t wait for the sizzling scenes that this book definitely will have, I wonder what kind of sexy scenes we will have (yes, I am still a bit shy/unsure about reading them, but I do like them more and more).
Since this blurb seems to be all about our guy, I wonder if we will also get Elle’s POV or if it is a total male POV book (which would be very interesting).

Oh, and can you see the cover, isn’t it just the sweetest? Eep!

I’m the guy you call when you need to impress your overbearing family, your boss, or your ex. Yeah, I’m a male escort, but not just any escort, I’m the escort. The one with a mile-long waiting list and a pristine reputation that’s very well-deserved.

I’m the guy who’ll make you feel beautiful, desired, and worshipped . . . all for a steep price. I’m hired to make you shine, and I always deliver.
I’ll be whatever you want me to be for one night–except my true self. This is just a job, a role I play to earn a paycheck.

But I’m not the guy who falls for a client. Not once in six years.
And then I meet Elle. Her friend has hired me to escort her to a wedding, but Elle doesn’t know we’re just pretending..

There’s a fire between us I never expected. A connection I haven’t felt in so long. One kiss, and I’m losing all control.
But what will happen when she finds out who I really am?

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