What I Hope To Read March 2019

What I Hope To Read March 2019

Morning everyone!

February is almost over again, for me it just feels like it February is only a few days old. Dang. But I am also happy it is March, not that much longer before the house we bought will be truly ours, the weather is improving, and holy hell I got tons of books pre-ordered this month! And several other books that I JUST NEED TO READ. Then again.. last month I didn’t manage to read many of the new books coming out (even though I did try), so I hope I will have better luck reading books coming out this month. crosses fingers I keep being distracted by ARCs and library books.

I also noticed that I am less and less in the mood for YA. 🙁 Which makes me quite sad as I used to devour all the YA I could find. But these days it is mostly Childrens/NA/Adult books that I read. Maybe one day I will get back into YA. I guess when I do there will be tons of books I didn’t read that I can now devour, which is quite a nice thought. 🙂

You may notice that Moonstruck is back, I noticed a week or so after my post that it was moved to March, and totally forgot to update my post.

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