Book Blitz ~ The Virgin Club by Kayley Wood ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Book Blitz ~ The Virgin Club by Kayley Wood ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Morning all,

Welcome all, welcome to the Book Blitz for The Virgin Club by Kayley Wood. I just couldn’t resist participating, just look at that cover! And that blurb is also just 👌.

For today’s post I got all sorts of things. Like a fun excerpt! You can join the giveaway (well, if you live in the US/CAN). You can read all about the book/author. Get to know them better. Oh, and I also got a teaser image. Eep! Full post!

Let’s get started on this blitz~

Challenge: Lose my virginity before my 24th birthday
Time Left: 23 days

Appletinis, a semi-meltdown, and a ‘Lose My Virginity Challenge’ post. That’s all it took for my little blog to go viral.
The realization that I’m the lone virgin left from my club’s original pact ignited my not-so-genius idea. But what else could I do? With my two best friends happily un-single (and having plenty of sex), I’ve become an outcast—the anti-Hester Prynne, walking the streets with a giant V attached to my chest.
I’m going to be fine. I’m anonymous. I can just delete the post and pretend it never happened. No big deal, right?

My co-worker crush, Logan—gorgeous, yummy and out of my league—found out about my secret deadline-driven cherry popping quest.
Humiliated would be an understatement.
Fortunately, my besties come to the rescue with a brilliant plan that involves my trending blog. If all went smoothly, I’d not only win over the untouchable Logan but also live my dream of becoming a full-time writer.
The plan isn’t just brilliant, it’s perfect… until my new boss, Alexander Freeman comes into the picture with his Brooks Brothers suit and Tom Ford briefcase.
So what if the Stiff is hot? I will not ruin my one chance with Logan or my dream career.
But I’m in more trouble than I originally thought.
Turns out Alex has a few intentions of his own and a huge secret I’m totally unprepared for.

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About the author:

Kayley has three simple rules in life:
1. Surround yourself with some incredible, kick-ass women you call friends.
2. Don’t worry about failure or mistakes. It’s how you respond to them that makes all the difference.
3. An appletini is never complete without two cherries.

Find her here:     


Group Text
To: Jada, Lauren
From: Emma

E: Logan knows I’m the author of The Virgin Club which means he knows about my stupid Virgin Challenge!!!
E: He was working at Freeman Foxx when I broke my nose. I told him it was me and I totally forgot I wrote a post about it.
J: Wow!
E: Yeah, been through that stage already. What the hell do I do now??? How can I go into work tomorrow and face him? That’s it. I’m quitting my job. Hey Lauren, if I lose my apartment can I take your spare room?
L: Of course you can.
J: You’re not quitting your job or moving out! Take a deep breath and let’s take this one step at a time.
E: Ok. I’m semi-calm now. So what’s the first step?
J: Are you sure he knows it’s you?
E: Yes, he sent me a message. It was definitely him and he obviously found the blog because my dumb Virgin Challenge post is trending.
L: Was his message flirty?
E: Yes, like he was teasing me with it.
J: Is he still with that obnoxious girl who needed a smack upside the head?
E: No. They broke up a few weeks ago.
J: Well this is interesting news 🙂
L: I can almost see the light bulb going on in your head lol.
E: Oh no. What?
J: Confession time. Do you still like Logan?
E: I’ve already been there. I’m not embarrassing myself again. Logan knowing I’m a virgin is bad enough.
J: Answer the question, Emma. Do you like him or not?
E: Yes.
J: Enough that you would welcome him “taking on your over-expired V-card”?
E: Yes, but I obviously suck at reading signals. I don’t even know if he’s interested, single or not.
J: There are ways to get around that and they start with your blog.
E: My blog? No. Absolutely not.
J: FaceTime me. I think once you hear my plan, you’ll change your mind 🙂
L: Count me in too! I am NOT missing this.
E: Ok, but it better be good.
J: It’s not good. It’s brilliant.

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