Library Haul 16-3-2019

Library Haul 16-3-2019

Evening all,

Welcome to a new Library #2 and #3 Haul post! Yep, it was once again time to visit Library #3 (where do the weeks go???). Since I am quite tired, I am keeping this post short, sorry guys, so many things are coming up and my body isn’t too delighted with all the stress. 🙁

First up Library #2, well, that was a disappointment. Had one reservation waiting, namely Tijdbom. And while wandering around I managed to find 6 more books, but still, I had hoped for some more of my reservations (still got a few that I am waiting for), and some more new books. Three or four more visits to Library #2 before I move and go to a new Library #2. Hopefully I can get/read all my reservations before I leave. crosses fingers

Next up Library #3, which was a pretty great haul. Yay! While bringing back the books I found a new BENY book, which had to come with me, as I didn’t want to risk that it was gone by the time I would return. Later on, after a nice walk through the city + getting our wedding rings, I had a fun time finding new books (so excited for the new Meester Bakkebaard). I also brought along two Hilda’s that I didn’t like the first time I read them, but I watched the Netflix series when it came out and I am wondering if I like the book Hilda more now that I have seen her come to live in the Netflix series. And I couldn’t resist these Sigmund books (I am guessing I may recognise some comics, but I hope to find some new ones).

So, in the end, a pretty good haul. I got tons of new things to try out and read, but first finishing my TwistedDoodles book!

Stats: 19 books. 6 comics, 3 comics, 4 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

Tijdbom by Joelle Charbonneau
Een B en twee F’en by Jan Schutten
Gedichte gedachten by Jan Terlouw
Fiep by Tingue Dongelmans, Ingeborg Vriends-van der Steijn
Prinses Leentje & de weg naar het hart by Babette van Veen
Ridder Florian in galop by Marjet Huiberts, Philip Hopman
Dat lust ik niet! by Christopher Silas Neal

Sigmund weet raad met mannen by Peter de Wit
Nederland volgens Sigmund by Peter de Wit
Sigmund weet raad met relaties by Peter de Wit
Sigmund weet raad met feestdagen by Peter de Wit
Beny Beny by Patrick Rosendaal
Ticking Time Bomb by Tim Collins
Majoor Rosalie by Timothée de Fombelle, Isabelle Arsenault
Clownfish by Alan Durant
Wakker met een wijsje by Esther Pantekoek
Hilda en de vogelparade by Luke Pearson
Hilda en het woud van steen by Luke Pearson
Meester Bakkebaard op glad ijs by David Vlietstra, Juliette de Wit

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