Library Haul 19-3-2019

Library Haul 19-3-2019


Welcome to a new Library #4 Haul! Yep, I was done with my L#4 books (well almost all of them), and I had a pretty eh day so I could use some new L#4 books + a Library is pretty soothing (if it is quiet).

I definitely was lucky with my library haul today, I quickly found several books, and then had to ask the librarian if she could find another book that I wanted (the newest by Mirjam Mous). Now, I am sure you all can guess where the book was locating, given that you know it is a new book. 😛 Yep. Thankfully, these days they are a little less eh about it, and even are quite happy to give me the books.

sighs I will definitely miss this library. Just a few more weeks to go before I move and will be visiting a library that is closer to me. It is a cute little library with very friendly people, at times I have chats with them about books, about reading, giving recommendations. Hopefully the new Library #4 will also be a wonderful place. Can’t wait to visit in mid/late April.

Stats: 5 books. All of them fiction.

De griezelwinkel by Dirk Nielandt
Help, ik ben een pony! by Getrud Jetten
De tweede by Lynn Berger
H@ck het instituut by Mirjam Mous
Ik ben een pleegkind by Kristien Dieltiens, Marijke Klompmaker

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