Library Haul 21-3-2019

Library Haul 21-3-2019

Evening all,

Welcome to a brand-new Library #1 haul, I definitely needed some new books (and to visit the library) after a very stressful day yesterday. Thankfully, I had time + the weather was good enough to hop by Library #1.

I still had two books at home (Arlo Finch/It Ends With You), which meant I had room for 6 books. I was definitely hoping I wouldn’t find too many books. That always tends to happen when I have books at home. 😛 But this time it didn’t happen, I managed to find 5 books. It already started off with finding a new book at the new Non-fiction book shelves, and then I kept finding books.

I am especially delighted to have Vox in my possession now, which is a book I have been meaning to read for months! Thank you to me for checking out the English adult books and spotting this one on the table. I managed to keep myself in, but I wanted to squeal and dance. OK, to be honest, I squealed silently, and I did a tiny little dance. 😛

Now I first want to finish Arlo, but after that I will have to let either my fiance or select a book for me as I don’t know which one to start.

Stats; 5 books. 1 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

NOTE: two of these books aren’t on Goodreads yet, I will add them when I read them.

Bee Boy: Attack of the Zombees by Tony De Saulles
Scared to Death by Anthony Horowitz
Vox by Christina Dalcher
Lach smakelijk! by Annemarie Bon, Andrea Kruis
Het grote co-ouder doe boek by Petra Vollinga

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