Library Haul 23-3-2019

Library Haul 23-3-2019

Evening all,

Welcome to a new Library #2 Haul! A bit later than normal, but Pokemon Community day is now from 3 to 6pm, which means I barely have time to unpack the groceries/library books before I have to go off again. 😛 Normally Pokemon CDs meant getting up early and then while doing all the things we normally do on that day we catch Pokemon and hope for shinies. And yes, I caught shinies. I first thought I would only have one, but in the last half hour I caught like 8 more.

Back to my Library Haul. Well, not very special. But I guess I am still happy with what I found, and that I actually found some books to read. I had one reservation waiting for me, and no books home, so plenty of room to pick books. I just hope the last 2 visits will bring some more books. Yes, 2 more visits and then on 13 April I will only bring back books. On the 19th I will move, and on the 20th I hope to visit one of my new libraries. 🙂

Stats: 7 books. 3 picture books, 2 non-fiction, 2 fiction.

NOTE: Several of these books aren’t on Goodreads, I will add them when I read the books.

Iza onrust op de manege by Simone Foekens
Laat maar komen! by Kim Postma, René Wokke
Jij & Ik en al het moois om ons heen by Riet Wille, Martijn van der Linden
Last minute mama’s by Brigitte Bloem
Kleine beestjes worden groot: hoe dieren voor hun baby’s zorgen by Pavla Hanáčková
Beer is op Vlinder by Annemarie van Haeringen
Samen hier by Oliver Jeffers

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