Library Haul 30-3-2019 (Library #2)

Library Haul 30-3-2019 (Library #2)

Hi all!

Welcome to the first of two Library Hauls! First up is Library #2, and after that I will be writing/posting my haul for Library #1. Tons of great books!

So, today I could finally visit a library again. Been sick all week so I haven’t been able to go anywhere, and with a week of sickness the library books shrink even faster than normal. I was even more excited to visit than normal. 😛
I had 5 reservations waiting for me, no books at home (being sick + not having a lot of books every week helps), so plenty of room should I find more books that I want to read. In the end I found 5 other books, including two very adorable looking picture books to bring with me along with the reservations. Oh, and I found out that I already read one of the books… depending on my review I may re-read it, and otherwise, too bad.

Next week is the last time I will be going to Library #2 to get books, the week after that I will only bring them back. sighs I will miss this library. I have many fond memories of it, I love that they allow so many books to be brought home, that their reservation fee is nothing, and I just love that they are diversifying what they have in the library (more English books), and many other things. It was a good couple of years. Hopefully my new Library #2 will also be amazing. crosses fingers

Stats: 10 books. 4 picture books, 2 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

NOTE: Most of these aren’t on Goodreads, I will be adding them as I read them.

Terug in Rijswijk by
Wereldklas by Gisette van Dalen, Willeke Brouwer
Verrasend Rotterdam by Cees Zevenbergen, Erwin Zijlstra
Prinses Floortje en het magische ei by Gudrun Likar
De vloek van de pompoen by Gillian Cross, Sarah Horne
De taart van Fiep de heks by Katja Richert
Kijk naar boven! by Jung Jin-ho
de berg by Chica, Manuel Marsol
De moedhoed by Lida Dijkstra, Mark Janssen
Ella, de kleine woudheks is nooit op tijd! by Jutta Langreuter

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