Library Haul 7-3-2019

Library Haul 7-3-2019

Evening all,

Welcome to a brand-new Library #1 haul! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, due to the terrible weather (it is stormy here), but I wanted new books. Yep, books win over bad weather. 😛

I was glad to be at the library, I felt like I was Mary Poppins though now on an ebike. 😛 I had fun wandering around the library, checking all my favourite new book spots, and then also checking out all the other spots. Did I find books? Oh yes, at first my luck wasn’t that good, but then I kept piling books and eventually had quite a nice stack to bring home with me.

Though, when I got home I found out that I already read two of the books. I generally check, but these two looked brand-new. Oh well, guess I can always re-read them, or well one of them, as I wasn’t a big fan of the other.

Sorry for keeping it short, I am superduper tired, my day was busy. Phew.

Stats; 7 books. 7 fiction.

Keigrappig & waargebeurd by Guy Didelez
Big Nate: The Boy with the Biggest Head in the World by Lincoln Peirce
De dinoboutjes barbeque by Bjorn van den Eynde
Wombat & Vos: Avonturen in de stad by Terry Denton
Keukenkaat aan de kook by Marieke van Riel
Kamp Bravo by Stefan Boonen
Gruwelijke rijmen by Roald Dahl

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