Release Day Celebration ~ METL: The Angel Weapon by Scott Wilson ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Release Day Celebration ~ METL: The Angel Weapon by Scott Wilson ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Morning everyone,

Party time ~ Today METL: The Angel Weapon by Scott Wilson releases in the wild. Hip hip hooray, congrats to the author!

Today’s post is filled with good things~ Like an excerpt! Or read all about the book/author. Join a giveaway!

Let’s party! twirls and throws glitter around

Thirteen-year-old Caden Aire spends his days working in the fields and his nights sleeping in a horse stable, all under the watch of Metl—Earth’s mysterious and artificial second moon, a looming relic of humanity’s lost era.

But Caden’s simple life changes when one night, a fiery red X suddenly appears on Metl’s surface, and the same red Xs start glowing on his palms.

Now Caden must find the only person who knows what’s happening to him, but he doesn’t have much time. Metl has started on an impact course with Earth, and to stop it, Caden will have to face both the unsettling truth about his world … and about himself.

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About the author:

Scott Wilson works as an editor and daily writer for the popular news entertainment website RocketNews24 (150,000+ daily readership). He also writes the popular weekly original series “W.T.F. (Weird Top Five) Japan” which has a readership of 5,000-20,000. Wilson’s short story “Keiko” was published in the winter 2013 edition of the online literary magazine Cigale, and his short story “Devilese” was published in the October 2015 edition of the online literary magazine UNBUILD Walls.

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Excerpts, didn’t realise these were several, so I picked 3!

There were only two things Nobodies were afraid of at the Home: never being adopted, and Mother Mildred’s medical bag.

It was a spider. A metal spider with a spherical body the size of Caden’s head, and legs as long as tree branches. It looked up at him with seven glowing red eyes and twitching mandibles.
“Hello, Caden,” the spider said in a distorted voice. “I am here to inform you that you are going to destroy the world.”

“You said I was going to destroy the world?”
“Correct, I did say that.”
“I said it by accessing my vocal programming and then—”
“No, I don’t mean how did you say it.” Caden was reaching the end of his patience. “How will I destroy the world?”

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