Review for Amelia Fang and the Half-Moon Holiday

Review for Amelia Fang and the Half-Moon Holiday

It is time for the Half-Moon Holiday and Amelia is spending it with her friends at Rainbow Rangers (hosted by the unicorns of course) camp! But more is happening than just that! Be in for tons of magical adventures and delicious fruits.

I am so delighted that this series continues and that new books come out! Each adventure of Amelia is so much fun and I love seeing more of the world she lives in. The glittery side of The Kingdom of the Light and the darker and gloomier side of The Kingdom of the Dark. This time we head off to an island named Sugarplum Island. It is time for camping, but believe me this book will not have a ton of camping as Amelia and her friends fall in yet another adventure!

But the book starts with our girl getting ready for camp. Hosted by two unicorns (one is a nitwit, the other has more sense in him, I liked them both) Graham and Ricky. I just adored the idea of scouts and camping, and it was fun to see the group being a mix of dark creatures and light. The two kingdoms are truly bonding together.

I was looking forward to a big camping experience, but I also knew that Amelia would fall in an adventure very soon. Now the question was, would that involve the Rainbow Rangers? Or would it be just her and her friends?

The adventure was fun, and I hope the kids learned to not eat some random yummy food on a tree, as you never know what that will do to you. Yes, they are yummy, but one never knows if there is something extra to them.

The adventure was fun and we meet all sorts of new characters. Like a bumblicorn (yes, a bumblebee with an unicorn horn), or mer-pires, or leprechauns, all sorts of new characters make their entrance, and I have to say I liked them all.

What was going on and how to fix their predicament? Well, that was even more fun as being tiny doesn’t mean tiny adventures, if anything everything got even bigger and more fun. Rain means that one has to swim or find something to row, travelling isn’t easy though it does mean you may make a fun trip in a special vehicle that you normally wouldn’t even see much of.

I was delighted with Amelia’s decision at one point in the story, and no not telling you which one. It was a decision that was hard to make, but I am happy with her choice, and I am happy her friends accepted it and helped her out.

Faster than Amelia I knew what that tune meant and where she had heard it before. I was happy when she figured it out as well and all she did after that. That was just so sweet of her.

How everything concludes was just perfection, and yes I cried. Then again, with all the stress of moving and wedding I am crying about anything, but this was truly beautiful and made me happy.

The pumpkins were both present, and I was delighted. Squashy is still my favourite, he is just so adorable. I would love a pumpkin pet!

I wasn’t too happy that Frankie was there as well, thankfully she isn’t part of the main group so we don’t see too much of her. She is just so obnoxious, and I don’t see why she always has to win win win, life is about more than just winning and being better. And if you win, or you are better, at least be a good sport about it. No need to rub it in.

I am still not a fan of Florence, her constant need to SHOUT LIKE THIS TO EVERYONE, she doesn’t always watch where she is going and is not apologising, she is constantly going angry when someone mentions the BE word because she thinks they will call her beast. Girl, please. Sure, she also has her good sides, she is kind to her friends, she helps them out, she is strong, and I quite liked her with Denise.

Like with all the other AF books we got a ton of fun, delightful, wonderful illustrations! Oh and I have to compliment on the cover and the design. Like the other books this one got spray-painted edges, this time yellow!
I also loved the added guide with the various badges and what you have to do for them.

Now I just need the next Amelia Fang story. The next adventure. Where will we go? What colour will the book be? Oh, and of course, I would highly recommend this one and all the other books.

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