Review for Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire

Review for Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire

Meet Arlo Finch, his world is about to go topsy-turvy when he finds out that magic is real… and that someone is after him.

I have been trying to write a review for 6 days, but it just isn’t working. May also have to do that I am sick as hell, and just want to sleep all day. I still want to give my thoughts on this book so I will write a good/not so good review.

-The scout stuff. Man, I wish my scout days were this awesome, I would have been way more enthusiastic about it. Magic, learning all sorts of epic unknown knots, sled racing, learning all about the woods and what is in it. Sign me up! And then there are all sorts of levels and with each one you get more epicness. dreams
-The town and the surrounding area. It sounds like a wonderful spot, I am not sure if I can hold it out there long, I didn’t read about any bookstores or libraries, but if it had both those with a good stock, sure, sign me up to live there. Though, I would also like some internet. For my blog. To keep up with my friends and family. The woods are a slightly bit creepy, but I can live with that. It is a shame I am an adult and apparently adults seem to forget about the epic stuff happening in the area, but I just hope that I can still see things.
-The mystery. There is a ton of mystery, because someone is after Arlo. He is also seeing his patrol leader’s missing (or is she) cousin and she talks to him and warns him. It makes me very curious as to what is up with Arlo. Why is he so special? What kind of powers does he have?
-I just love the new kids in town trope. Seeing the kids adapt to a life in the midst of nothing with weird things happening nearby is great fun. At first you see them struggle and they are angry for having moved so far away (especially Arlo’s sister had that), but then you see them make friends, discover something special in this new space.
-The scary/exciting/OMG things that happen. You won’t be bored as soon as the story takes off. It will keep you on your toes the whole way in, you will be right next to Arlo, as eager as he is with finding out what is going on.
-Arlo’s new friends. They were just so sweet and I loved how they and Arlo clicked together. They quickly formed an amazing bond and I was smiling that Arlo found new friendship so fast.
-The fact that these kids in the town think that it is like this everywhere. While in fact Arlo has no clue on what they are talking about for about 99% of the time. 😛
-Arlo. He will also make an appearance in the next part. I quite loved seeing him grow. From a new kid who is unsure about how things work and how to deal with this new situation to someone is getting stronger and more sure about things. He was brave, he never quit, and he made sure his friends and family were safe and OK.
-The cover is just amazeballs.
-The whole deal with Arlo’s dad. I was saddened that he wasn’t able to be with his family, but I am happy that they had a chance to at least talk to him each week. It made me feel very happy and warm inside each time they opened that laptop and had a good chat. Talking about anything and everything. I do hope that Arlo’s dad is able to come back one day.

Not so good:
-A very slow start. It took me quite a bit to get into the book, but once I did I was totally immersed in the story.
-Arlo. Arlo was also fun, as you can see in the good part of the review. But at times he was just so dumb. He is 12 years old, but at times he acts more like an 8 year old. He didn’t know some very basic and common things, he thought his sister was possessed when she started dating, and some other things. I was just shaking my head and wondering if Arlo was missing something in his head.

I still have questions, what connects Arlo with Rielle (their eyes at least, but there is more)? What happened to the yellow team on the scouts? What is hiding in the woods? Will Arlo be able to do more magic? Learn more magic? Will his dad come home? What is up with his uncle? I will be getting book 2 soon, I need it in my life.

This was a really fun, magical, amazing story and I would recommend it to all.

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