Review for Ben Braver and the Incredible Exploding Kid

Review for Ben Braver and the Incredible Exploding Kid

Ben Braver is back for his second year in the Kepler Academy, and he is still without powers. 🙁

After the success of the first book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second book. I am glad I was able to get it soon, and kind of lucky I was sick so I had plenty of time to read it.

This one takes place in the second year of the school, yep, there is still a school. Not to the outsiders, but to the insiders? You will be surprised and excited to find it is still there. Whoop! This time no Abigail, but there is plenty of things happening. We are going to find out so many things that will clear up many many things, and also give a peek to Ben Braver and if he may or may not have a superpower one day.

Ben was a bit hit and miss in this book. At times I was rooting for him, at other times I wanted to use that anti-gravity suit and shoot him against the ceiling. He got quite cocky in this book, and while I can understand he isn’t happy about the fact he still has no power, and may never have one… plus the fact that everyone thinks he is a hero (which he still is, just without power) and he is trying to live up his name. Thankfully, very thankfully, things are quickly sorted and we go back to normal Ben. Well, as normal as he can get. It is still Ben after all.

I loved seeing Penny and Noah again, but also see other characters make an appearance. Sadly, the bully and his sister are still there as well. Just like Vic. I was just as surprised as Ben was though. 😛

This time there is also a battle thingie going on, as kids do want to harness their powers and learn how to handle it and use it. Though at one point did it go to far, and I was just wondering how everyone was going to be cleaning that up. Good luck.

I loved the whole Cute/Adorable thing going on. With Penny wanting to hug everything (and embarrassing Totes), but ending with all three friends asking if something is cute or saying something is adorable. 😛

This sentence, I just have to mention it. “You and Angel are like Disney Princesses.”

We find out tons and tons of things about the academy, about Kepler, about Fifteen, about Angel, about Brock (our statue), about what was shown in the cave our crew uncovered in the previous book. I won’t spoil anything, but I was reading with my mouth open each time a new revelation or clue was given. I just loved how the author wrote everything and how everything clicked together. Well done! There are still things I want to know, things I want to see, and I can’t wait to see what we will get in the next book given the ending (OMG that ending).

Yes, OMG. That ending was just so action-packed, so filled with tons of things, I couldn’t stop reading. I was also sad though as there were things happening there that were pretty heartbreaking/sad.

There are once again comics, this time not about getting Ben his powers, instead they are about the experiments our trio is doing for Duncan. From force fields to shoes that may or may not launch you in the air. I looked forward to them and was curious to see what kind of things they would test out this time (and if Ben would survive).

Btw, illustrator, those ears Penny is wearing? Those are so not mouse ears. Those are clearly cat ears. And I am not sure how her mice/chicken friends will feel about the fact they are summoned by a cat girl.

But other than that, the illustrations were fabulous. I just love the style it fits with this action-packed, humour-filled, superpowers everywhere book perfectly.

All in all, I just want more Ben Braver. I need to know how the third year goes, and what happens in that one. Given the ending… big things will be happening.

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