Review for Bloom

Review for Bloom

Baking and cute guys (well Hector mostly).

I have been meaning to read this graphic novel since way before it came out, I am a big fan of Savanna Ganucheau’s art, and a whole book of it? Sign me up so so many times.

I have been meaning to write a review for ages, but the words just don’t seem to come easily, so will be writing a good/not so good review.

-Hector. I just adored this fluffy guy who is way too sweet. I loved how hard he worked at the bakery, how he saw it as a change for later when he wanted to do something with food/cooking/baking. I was pretty dang amazed at how he was able to do so many things right from the bat, or after just a short introduction from Ari. I am sure that he will become a fantastic baker one day, and I wish I could visit his bakery and hug him and then eat all the food in the bakery (well, the ones without nuts/peanuts).
-The music. Ari is in a band, and while we don’t see much of them practising, it was fun that they had a band and that had such big plans to grow. I also had fun seeing them go to concerts of unknown bands (well, at least unknown to me).
-When Ari and Hector finally kissed. Well, OK, that one ended up pretty…. no I won’t say anything. But I was sad that this was how it ended for that kiss.
-Seeing Ari and Hector click and connect, see them get closer, and the tension between them (good tension filled with hearts and love) get even higher. Oh my!
-The bakery. Oh my, I just adored it. It was a sweet tiny bakery, just right by the beach, and I wish I could visit it. Given the things that were made, yummy!
-The art. Hello, Savanna Ganucheau? It was just fabulous, and I loved everything about it.
-The cover. So adorable and pretty!
-Ari’s dad. He will also appear on the not so good list, but I also want to add him here as he was quite a friendly guy, he just wanted the best for his son. I loved how he kept on going with the bakery even when things got tougher for them.
-I loved the little town the characters lived in. I guess it may get a bit boring when the tourists leave, but I think I would still have loved the quiet. Just sitting near the beach, watching the waves. I do love a small, quiet, beachy town.

Not so good:
-Ari frustrated me so so much. He was whiny, complained a lot, was angry at so many things (like his friends, and sorry I was on the side of his friends, he barely connected with them any more now he had Hector, he saw them at times, but never talked seriously about things with them and then got pissed when they moved on further with their lives). Nearer to the end he started getting better, but I still wanted to throw him in the sea for most of the book. 😐 That boy needs to grow up.
-Ari’s dad. He was just a bit too pushy, and I would wish he listened to his son for once. I understand that he wanted the best for his son, but you can’t expect him to love something forever. Yes, he liked baking when he was a kid, but he is a teen now.
-That one part where things went wrong. I am sorry, but my happy feelings quickly changed to sadness that they would be that dumb to it there and without checking to make sure it was safe.

But in overall, it was quite fun to read this one, and again, Hector is just the sweetest!

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