Review for Cosmic Colin: Ticking Time Bomb

Review for Cosmic Colin: Ticking Time Bomb

Tick tock tick tock, Colin and Harry are up against the clock to get a Timebomb back. Will they do it or will the world end?

My third Cosmic Colin book, I am now done with this series, well, until a new book appears. crosses fingers And this one was just such a blast to read. Not only is it packed to the brim with adventure, but we also have a bit of pressure as they have to be fast. This timebomb (something that will distort time as we know it) is dangerous and the pieces are found on 3 planets.

I didn’t like how Harry wanted to leave Colin behind. I can understand it somehow, he doesn’t want his friend to be hurt, but come on, after all the adventures… you can trust Colin and should know that he isn’t afraid of danger.

I loved seeing all the various planets and what made them so special and safe for these pieces of Timebomb. I laughed so much, I think my favourite planet was the one with the animals reversed (so kitties are NOPE and snakes are YES). I wouldn’t mind having a crocodile as a pet, or maybe a snake. Though I will be missing my dear hamsters (sorry guys, if you turn evil….).

The twist at the end (that is all I will say, you will just have to read the book) came as a big BIG surprise to me. Oh my!

I still think it is hilarious that they travel with a bin. It is a space bin, and sure it is swanky, but ewww.

The illustrations fit so well with the story and the silliness of it all. Plus, I like it when the characters talk you get an image of them and a text bubble. So much fun.

All in all, just one more book to go, I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures our duo will have next time.

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