Review for Domestic no Kanojo Vol.1

Review for Domestic no Kanojo Vol.1

What would you do if the girl you had sex with and your crush/teacher suddenly live with you…. as your step-sisters?

After watching the first episode and kind of being bored + also wondering what the hell I was watching, someone recommended that I read the manga, as it was much better. So here I am, trying this one out. I have to say, kudos to the anime it follows the manga quite closely, sure there are some parts that are left out, but mostly it is quite the same. Interesting.

I am not too sure how I feel about the guy. He is a bit stronger in the manga, but still a bit of a wimp, sorry but not sorry. He really needs to man up and decide what he wants to do. I also don’t know how I feel about his new step-sisters (one of them he had sex with before they became a family, the other is his teacher and crush). I cannot read Rui at all. On the one hand she is acting all cold as ice, but then she invites him in the bath. She does have a sweet side hidden somewhere, but still the interactions between Rui and Natsuo are just way too uncomfortable and weird. I also don’t like how Hina is constantly telling Natsuo that he is just a kid and treating him as such. 😐 I get that she is his teacher and that the age difference is probably pretty big (I am guessing Natsuo is 16/17 and she is in her twenties), but still, treat him better. Now you just come across as bitchy.

There is a constant tension, and at times something almost happens, but then it is stopped before something actually happens. Which frustrates me to no end. I get that they are now family, but still. Stop building up all that tension and then throw it all away again. Fanservice all around, but eh.
Like with the cliffhanger in this volume. I am pretty sure I know how it will end, and it just frustrates me. Stop toying around.

The art is pretty fabulous though, I quite like the designs of our characters (the girls look cute, and Natsuo looks OK-ish, well if his hair behaves).

Will I continue? Sure, I will give it one more volume, but I am not sure if I can stomach 22+ volumes of this.

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