Review for Hotel Flamingo

Review for Hotel Flamingo

Welcome to Hotel Flamingo, enjoy your stay because this hotel is going to be fabulous!

I was delighted when I saw this book on Twitter, I just love books about hotels, and this one seemed even more fun as this one was about a hotel not doing too well and a little girl going to make it all fabulous again. Oh, and don’t forget this hotel is at the coast and the guests and workers are animals!

Meet Anna, she has just inherited a wonderful hotel named Hotel Flamingo… well one day it was a beautiful hotel, but now it is pretty dilapidated and she has a lot of work to do. I loved how she immediately set to work, not daunted by the amount of work or the state of the hotel. Nope, this girl is brimming with ideas, and she is not afraid to get dirty or tell people what to do. I loved what kind of plans this girl had, she had so many of them. For instance calling the flamingo theatre group to help out, or when she finds unexpected visitors in the pool she handles that in a way that benefits everyone.
Plus, I also love how inclusive she is. No matter what kind of guest pops in she lets them in, and it made me delighted.

It was great fun seeing the hotel flourish and prosper. To see it go back to how it used to be (though it still has tons of work before it is totally fabulous again).

I was surprised at the colour our girl picked for the outside walls, I would have picked a whole different colour!

Who the cat was? I knew instantly what he was doing and who he was.

The cover is just the most adorable thing, and I also loved the illustrations inside of the book.

Oh, you can also search for a snail, but I am sorry, I totally forgot about that little dude until the end when he popped up to ask if we found him. 😛

I do have a few questions, there are humans around (we see pictures, and Anna is a human), but where are they? Is this island/spot mostly/only for animals?

All in all, I need more books about Hotel Flamingo. And I so would love to visit! What kind of things will Anna do next? What kind of animals will we meet? Will the cook be nicer? What about the guy who runs the rival hotel, what will he do?

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