Review for Sea-ing is Believing

Review for Sea-ing is Believing

Welcome back to the Nothing To See Here Hotel, be prepared for a shiver-ye-timbers adventures as we go deep underwater to a new part of the Hotel. Strap on everyone, the ride is going to be seamazing.

The third book already in this amazingly fun series full with twists and turns, ghosts and mermaids, mystery and magic. This is one hotel I wish I could visit for real. OK, I would probably not be allowed in, I am just a mere human, but still, I would love it.

This time it Grandpa (well, great great great great, but you get the idea) Abe’s birthday, and our cast is preparing to celebrate when our favourite cranky bad leprechaun Maloney pops in and she has a very fun surprise for the family. Something I would definitely want myself and my family. And from that moment things go topsy-turvy as Abe suddenly makes an appearance! Oh my!

Now we can finally find out if Abe is truly a baddie as said by his son Oculus, or if Oculus was just lying (I still think he is doing that). However, and I don’t see this as a spoiler (it is even mentioned in the blurb), we do see that something is off about Abe. What is up with Abe, is he just confused due to the travel? Or because of ghostly amnesia (which does happen at times with ghosts)? Or is something else going on? I loved how the author wrote it and how he gave hints here and there.

We learn of a new part of the hotel, something that was hidden from sight and mind after Abe died. Yep, there is more to the hotel than we already thought. Can you imagine, this place was already freaking fabulous, and then it became even more awesome with a ballroom under the sea. Yes, under the sea. With a rollercoaster-ish ride to get to it. The things you can do with magic and hard work. I wish I could visit the ballroom, it sounds like a wonderful place with tons of wonders. There is something for everything. Plus, the way to ballroom, or I should say how to open the way to get there, wow. Dang, that is pretty creative and fun.

Next to the new hotel part, we also have tons of other things. Like finding out more about the family, about granny and Abe’s relationship (I had a laugh at all of granny’s reactions when Abe was around), there was a party, there was food (though still not my kind of food), there are chickens in bubbles, and oh my that ending.

Yes, that ending. It was very exciting. I already couldn’t stop reading as soon as I started the book, but by the time that ending came around I was so deep into the book. I can’t spoil anything, but believe me you are in for a ride. There are twists and turns and revelations and swimming to safety and big monsters and a grumpy leprechaun. Oh my!

I also love the words that the author used, they are so creative and original. Like honkhumptious, disgusterous, skwinkly, and others.

And like all the other books, this one has been delightfully illustrated~ And that cover is just fun and colourful. I am always eagerly awaiting the title and the cover for the new book. See what kind of things we can spot on it and how chaotically fun it is.

All in all, I enjoyed my third stay at this fabulous hotel. If you are looking for a fun, magical place to stay with some chaos and at times some evil villains popping up, if you are in for some surprises and a good time, be sure to visit The Nothing to See Here Hotel! You won’t be disappointed.

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