Review for Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress: Harlequin Manga

Review for Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Yep, I am back again! There were several new Harlequin manga up on Netgalley, and I selected 9 that I liked the most/sounded like I would enjoy them. First up is this one, which just came out a few days ago. A romance between boss and worker, how will it end up? I also like the cover. <3

So here we go! As with all the previous Harlequin Manga, I will be writing a review while I read.

Oh my, so she wants to resign, but he clearly isn’t willing to let go. I am guessing she is an awesome lawyer, or he already likes her a lot and wants to keep her close. Or both! I am curious why she wants to quit being a lawyer though, what reasons does she have. And we find out on the next page. Ah, the parents forced me to become x while I wanted to become y. Parents, please. If your kid clearly doesn’t want to follow your path, let them go their own way. Or maybe you could at least tell them to try, but then also support them if they do want to go another way.
Later on in the story she and her boss have a conversation about it, and I love how open she was about it. We learn so much about her in that moment.

I did feel sad when she said this: “I can’t tell my boss about this, though. Throwing away a steady job to pursue my dream… he would probably… laugh in my face and think that I am immature.”

“Aside from the bags under his eyes, he’s very handsome.” What bags? I just see a guy who looks a tad tired, but other than that perfect unblemished face. Mmm.

Ohhh, I liked that we got a bit of a POV from the guy. It seems he also has a dream he wants to pursue. Plus I liked that he is showing an interest in the girl and is wondering why she wants to quit.

And it seems we get more of this dual POV, while it is a bit confusing at times as it happens without warning, I am still very happy that we see both of the characters and gain more insight in what makes them tick.

Oh my, a trip through Oslo. Visiting all sorts of museums (I want to visit the Viking one), looking at funny sculptures (that look very creepy). I am quite curious if that painting the town blue is true. goes to google Not sure still, my google-fu is lacking today. But I would love to see if it is true.

Yes! YES! Finally that tension is over as they finally connect, for real. I was cheering and so so delighted. There were already enough moments throughout that made me scream at my screen, KISS ALREADY.

snortsShe is daring. “I want to see the aurora. Then, I want to draw a nude sketch of you.”
“He’s too shy to be a model? He’s got a good body for it though.”

I loved seeing the ice hotel, I have heard tons about those kind of hotels, and it is still a dream of mine to visit one someday.

But while reading and seeing them connect and make love and get closer and closer, my heart broke, because I knew they had made a deal. They would only be together for a week. Then she would go her way, making art, and he would continue his company. I was just hoping that these two would see that they were meant to be together, that they have a good thing going on, and that they should stay together even after this week. And sure, I know it will end well, it is a Harlequin story, but still. I couldn’t help feeling sad knowing the week was almost over.

OMG. criesSo that is what is going on with him. Now I want to hug him. 🙁

OMG, more twists! I definitely didn’t see that one coming. Holy.

And now I am crying further, dang it. I am already an emotional mess with all the stress I have, but this… wow. She captured him perfectly. It was beautiful. That ending was also just beautiful. I am so happy, but I am also crying tons here.

The art was a bit hit and miss for me, but generally I quite liked it.

Wow, my first Harlequin manga again, and I loved it. It features a cute couple who will connect, share secrets, it features hurt and pain, but in the end everything comes together in glitters and love. Be warned, or it may just be me, but you will be crying. Because this couple is just the best. Oh, and the title makes sense as well, perfection!

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