Review for The Loch Ness Lock-In

Review for The Loch Ness Lock-In

This time our Strange Scouts/Troop Danger is off to Scotland! Time to meet Nessie!

Of course, after having so much fun reading the first Strange Scouts book, I couldn’t resist reading this one quite soon afterwards. This time not much camping, but still tons of supernatural things happening and of course also a good message about taking care of nature and all the beings (normal or supernatural) that are living there.

This time our troop goes to Scotland. They have a new mission, meet Nessie and help out in Scotland. I was excited, I love Nessie, and Scotland always has such magic surrounding it.

The first thing the kids have to do is clean out the lighthouse that will house them for the duration of the trip. Clean out? Yes, red caps, aka gnomes are living in there but you need to know how to handle them, and I was just rolling in laughter when I saw how things went from OK to OH SNAP in just a few minutes.

Then later we got the Nessie situation, something is going on with Nessie. Is she truly the one breaking stuff left and right? Stepping on busses and murdering them? Or is there something more going on? I had fun reading about this part, and quite soon I had a good idea what was going on. I was just waiting for the characters to also figure it out and then take action, as that is their job now that they are Danger Scouts.

I wasn’t happy to see a certain character also added to the mix, for all I care that dude can be eaten by an angry red cap, but we do see another side to him. I am happy that the author added this to the book, I can honestly see that I am now looking with different eyes at this character. Though I do hope that he will show this side more often. It fits him more than his tough guy persona.

The ending was pretty great, and I can say that I am now looking forward to the next books in this series. I do hope there will be plenty more.

The book is, once again, delightfully illustrated and I just adored seeing them. They make the story come to live further and also make things even funnier/more exciting. Though I did notice a little error. In the text it is said that the red cap Manuel captured is sleeping, however in the illustration we can clearly see that the little guy is very very awake and not amused. Later on we read that the characters were able to rent a small rowboat with an outboard motor, however in the next illustration we just see a normal rowboat, no motor.

So, I would recommend this one (and the previous book) to everyone looking for a fun book!

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