Review for Vox

Review for Vox

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGO MMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOM Sorry, this book was just too much awesomeness. Very haunting, very WOW.

This book has been on my shelves for ages, and finally I had the chance to read this one when I found it at Library #1. This book will pull you in, and not let you go until far after you read it. It will stay with you. Even now, a week later, it is still with me.

I want to try to write a review, it may be a bit chaotic, but dang, this book. Holy.

Go to a world, specifically the US, in which women, girls, don’t have any rights. They can only speak 100 words (any more and they will get an electric shock that will get worse with each word they go over the limit). They cannot make decisions. Travelling? Out of the order. All they may do is be pure, stay in the kitchen, care for the men, get children. Dare they resist? Dare they to go against things? Dare they do things on their own? They will be shamed publicly, shaven, and then get a bracelet which allows them zero words, and are often send to nuns for a life in solitude and silence. The men are back in charge. But not just the women are being hurt and held back. Also LGBT people. They are put into camps. Yes, camps. In which they can choose to work until death (or at least in pain), or to be converted and go outside and get married the right way. Yep. The world is fucked up, and it is all thanks to a guy who got enough power to make this happen. A guy who wants the world to be pure. So so pure. Indoctrinating children, like giving the girls ice cream if they talk less than anyone else in school.

But one woman wants to stand up. It took her some years, her friend was warning her for this. Warning that things would happen if they didn’t stand up. If they didn’t rally. But she is now ready. For her daughter. For herself. For the future. And even later she has another cause. She gets her chance when she, as a doctor, has to go back to her old team and find a cure for something that causes people to go talk gibberish. I loved that our MC was a doctor/professor, that she loved linguistics. I had a bit of a laugh that she was more of the type that prefers to figure things out, while her friend (another doctor/professor) loved to dig in (if you get my meaning). But it works for both of them.

But soon we find out that something is going on and I was even further on the seat of my chair. What is going on. Will our MC find out in time, and will she be able to convince her team to help her out? Will they be safe? Or will they be found out?

I wasn’t a big fan of the MC’s husband and her oldest son. Though I have to say later on I liked them more as things came to light. It changed quite a few things. But for most of the book I was just very much willing to kick both of them in the nuts for how they acted. How they treated our MC. Especially the husband didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation. Didn’t see how much his wife was hurting.

There was also something else going on… our MC has an affair. Normally I am very much against cheating, however these two clicked so well, and the guy understood her. He was there for her when things got tough, he was there when she needed him. I loved him so much more than the husband. I was rooting for them to get together, to be happy.

There are many other things happening in this story, and I was shocked and gasping at many parts of the book. Holy hell the things that happen in here. The fear, the pain, the hurt. The fact that this thing went through. That everyone thought it would all be OK, and then they found out no, it wasn’t OK, and it wouldn’t be OK for a while.

I liked that we at times went back in times and saw our MC with her friend Jackie.

The ending was good, however it felt a bit rushed. I know I stopped reading at times because I was almost at the end, but it didn’t feel like it was going to be ending soon, I was wondering if this would get a sequel. Instead it just ended. And holy wow, did it end. There are still some things I would like to see, but I guess I will just have to make those up myself. 🙂

All in all, I could probably ramble and rave about this book for long, READ THIS BOOK. READ IT. This one will haunt you. This one will be with you for a long time after.

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