Review for Yurikon Vol.1

Review for Yurikon Vol.1

A really cute shoujo-ai manga featuring 5 couples and their eventual marriage!

I was in the mood again for a fluffy and fun shoujo ai manga so I looked around and came across this one. The cover was instant love, just look how adorable those two look! heart eyes

Each chapter is about a different couple, however, at the end of each chapter we meet the new couple. I really liked that this was done, it gave us something to look forward too, though I have to say that the one with the two kids wasn’t one I was looking forward to, as you may understand (though after reading their chapter I can say I do like them together, they are cute and I love that they found each other so young).

It is also quite fun knowing that these couples are getting married. I can say that it makes the story more fun, because 3 out of 5 times you get into a point of their relationship when you can’t see that those two will get married, so you are curious to see how those two will get married. Plus, you have no clue at all how they will propose. Will they go for grand gestures? Or will they just keep it quiet. I have to say though I was a bit disappointed with the proposals in this book. I loved the one in chapter 5 the one with the idols, and the one with the two girls was also sweet, but the others were a bit eh. I won’t spoil anything of course, so I will stop here.

I loved the various weddings, modern, small, traditional, all sorts pop up and it made me smile. I loved seeing the dresses and the places the couples got married.

My least favourite turned out to be one of my top couples in the end. The one with the idols. I wasn’t sure how I felt about both characters, and I found it was eh that they had to fight and make comments because of their agency, but I did see their love and I just LOVED LOVED the ending of that chapter. It was fabulous what happened there, and I was just smiling, and yes (emotional wreck that I am) crying.

The only one I didn’t quite like was the teacher one. I am just not a big fan of under age girls x adult woman. They were quite cute together, but yeah, it just didn’t feel right.

The art in all stories is beautifully done, I loved the character designs, and the facial expressions were a lot of fun.

All in all, if you are looking for a cute manga about marriage and shoujo-ai, be sure to read this one.

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