Review for Zane: The Wild One: Harlequin Manga

Review for Zane: The Wild One: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Been awhile since I read one of the current batches of Harlequin Manga, I had so much other things to read + I was kind of too sick to stay at my PC to read and review. But today I feel much better, so let’s get on to reading a new one, and the chosen one is this book. A book with a very interesting title (Zane the wild one, oh my?) and a cute cover. And the blurb is also lovely, two people who apparently know each other have the chance to meet up again, get to know each other. I am hoping for plenty of cute romance. 🙂

“I’m the typical good girl who’s the daughter of the town mayor…” Wow, stuffing all the cliché character stuff in one. 😛

Oh my, I love this girl. Sensible! So many girls in these stories will just walk around in high heels no matter the situation, but this girl actually was planning to go barefoot. Yes!

I have to say her eyes are very distracting though, they are so big for her face, a bit like the olden days anime. Maybe it would have helped if they had some colour in them, but now it is just like two black pools.

I wonder what is going on between these two characters. They seem to have a history, given how they interact. Zac is a bit confusing, he wants her at that place, but also not. He wants to kiss her. He wants to be with her. But then doesn’t dare to do it as if something is holding him away. And Julia is afraid people will think badly of her if she goes, which also makes me confused. I guess it may have to do with who her dad is, but I still think it was a bit silly that she worried so much. It made me wonder what is up with this town.

She touches his hand and thinks about how powerful vitality flows from it and how it is the warmth of a man. Which made me chuckle as it sounded pretty weird.

Ah yes, we find out that they have known each other for a long long time. And, at least Julia, has always been interested in Zane. Though we see that Zane is also very interested in Julia, not sure how long he has these feelings. I am kind of curious if they always liked each other and never had the guts to go for it. Which is a shame.

Oh my, Kree has a hair salon! That fits so well with her and her personality (and her fabulous hair).

Sorry, but what… he accidentally bumps against her and makes a comment over a piercing? Um. Dude.

We learn that Julia has had a divorce? And here I thought she was looking around for her first husband and to start a family. is a bit confused But I can imagine she is pissed at her ex-husband. That is a pretty low blow from him.

Um, what the fuck is wrong with this town. I am sorry, but Julia is just a normal girl, sure she is the daughter of the mayor but is it that weird that she likes to visit a bar for once? Or just go kiss a guy she clearly likes and has a giant crush on? Why do people need to act like this? Why even get a fight happening?

I am happy with what happened after, it was super swoony and sweet and I was squeeing in delight.

But, as expected, we hit page 85 and drama happens. So typical. And it was once again, dumb drama, totally unnecessary even.

Oh good Lord. People, can someone teach these people in Harlequin about how sex works and what to do to prevent x things? Please? Ever heard of condoms? The pill? Something else? Why would just have sex with someone without any protection, unless you truly know they are safe, why would you risk things?

There were some more bumps in the road, along with confessions just didn’t feel well timed, but with the ending coming up I guess they had to add these confessions so we could go to the happy ending.

As you can see, a bit hit and miss, the characters had chemistry, I was rooting for them to get together, but I would have liked it to be a bit more natural, less drama. There is plenty of room to do that. And this couple deserves it completely. They were just so cute. I did love the art, sure the eyes were a bit weird and reminded me a bit too much of the olden days of anime (and maybe also a few bits here and there). I will still give this one a 2.5 stars. So right in the middle of the rating scale.

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