Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 31-3-2019

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 31-3-2019


Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates~ Still a bit sick, and the daylight savings just went live here, so I am missing an hour and my body is happily letting me know. yawns

This week mostly meant me lying in bed, reading all the books, watching even more Netflix. Being sick sucks, though I guess there are also benefits. 😛 Next week will be the start of busy busy and more busy. Oh my. Hopefully my body is fully recovered then. This week I read anything I could read. Magazines, my own books, library books, some ebooks.

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Six of Crows (turned out to be very decent even though it took me ages), Kid Normal and the Shadow Machine (some silly drama, but still plenty of fun and 4th wall breaking), Midnight at Moonstone (magical and lovely). I also read 3 books that came in the mail this week, Dating for Geeks #9 (hilarious and geeky), S1ngle: swipe (romantic and fun) and Sea-ing is Believing (ghosts, parties, and humour).

What did I read from my Kindle? My Secret Admirer (cliché, but still a good read) and Ben Braver and the Incredible Exploding Kid (Superpowers, mystery, humour, friendship, so much fun). I also tried That’s Not What I Heard but dropped it as it didn’t draw me in.

My TBR shrunk with 3 books, went up with 3 books, went down again with 3 books, and is now on 1.

Here is a new picture of my TBR. I am not sure when I will be reading King of Scars though, as I first need to read Crooked Kingdom (as I found out when I wanted to start it on Friday, due to a tweet by the author). I got Crooked Kingdom from Library #1 yesterday, and am planning on reading it soon.

No new Kindle Top somethings. I do have some ARCs, but those will be read through Adobe Digital Editions on my PC (mostly manga/comics/graphic novels).

And so ends another Sunday’s TBR Updates~ Enjoy your Sunday, I hope it is filled with books and relaxation, and I will see you again next week. waves

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