Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Gemini Mysteries: The North Star

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Gemini Mysteries: The North Star


Welcome all to a new Waiting on Wednesday. Phew, what a day it was. yawns I am glad we are halfway through the week looks longingly to the weekend.

For today’s WoW I got a children’s mystery book! Written by Kat Shepherd, whose Babysitting Nightmares series I started and loved. This one is more mystery-oriented and less monsters, but still I have high hopes that this one will be superfun to read. Reading the blurb and seeing the cover makes me want to read the book now. I can’t wait to see how the Gemini Detective Agency is going to figure out the whodunnit and what kind of clues they are going to find. Plus, will I be able to figure it out alongside them, or will I be first?

Sorry for not writing more, the words are just not coming out, too tired/stressed. But I still wanted to show you all a book that I am looking forward to. Hopefully next year I can get this book, when it releases in paperback.

Join the Gemini Detective Agency and help the teenage sleuths solve the theft of a priceless necklace!

Twins Zach and Evie Mamuya and their friend Vishal Desai make up the Gemini Detective Agency, which is mainly an excuse to get pizza together or hit the go-kart track. But when a priceless diamond necklace known as the North Star is stolen before an auction, the kids tag along with the twins’ crime reporter mom and find a few clues that make them think this was no ordinary robbery.

With the help of their classmate Sophia Boyd, the Gemini Detective Agency is on the case! Will they be able to sort through the clues and solve the mystery in time?

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