Library Haul 13-4-2019

Library Haul 13-4-2019

Hi all,

Welcome to a new Library #1 Haul! I needed some new books in my life and as Library #2’s visit just meant bringing books back (I will miss that library!)… I just had to visit. We were in the neighbourhood anyway as it is Community Day once again, plus we wanted to check out a new freezer for our new home (and the one store we wanted to visit is in the middle of the city centre near Library #1).

I had room for 7 books, still need to read Crooked Kingdom, and while wandering around I found 5 books! I had to do effort for one part of the library, those shelves I talked about in one of my library hauls? The one with the special stickers? Those shelves are located near a ton of tables of the restaurant/cafe the library has. Apparently you can reserve the whole area for a party as well. However, I thought the reservation sign was just for that one table with tons of people. So I just wandered into the area. They weren’t too happy, but I also pointed out that there were books there and that I just wanted to check them out, plus that I didn’t even know the whole area was off limits. It still seems silly to me to just block off a whole area when there are shelves of books in that area.

I am quite happy with my haul. I will take it slowly as I won’t have any time this coming week to visit (moving week, eep!!), and so the next time I want to visit I will have to bicycle for 30+ minutes to get to this library.

Oh, and I know I have said I wouldn’t try any Loesje any more, but if it is free, I am more than willing to give it one more shot.

Stats: 5 books. 4 non-fiction, 1 fiction.

NOTE: 2 of these aren’t on Goodreads, will be adding them as I read.

Wij zijn allemaal tijdreizigers by Loesje
The Secret of the Night Train by Sylvia Bishop, Marco Guadalupi
Helemaal klaar mee by Theresa Hartgers
Het boek van het leven by Floortje Zwigtman
Den Haag zoals het nu is by Piet Gispen

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