Library Haul 27-4-2019

Library Haul 27-4-2019

Hi all!!

Happy weekend, and happy King’s day to all the Dutchies that read my blog. Welcome to a brand-new Library #1 Haul!

I wasn’t planning on going already, my plan was to go next week on Thursday, but since we wanted to drop by the city of Library #1 for King’s Day and would be very close to the library + the library is actually open on this day (a lot of things are closed today), I decided to bring along my books and find some new ones. And I am glad I did because I managed to find some amazing looking books, including the second book in the Dreamfall series, which I hadn’t expected would be in the library so soon.

I am glad that they are adding some more English books even if it takes them years to finally add them. And yes, I would request them myself, but it would be a never ending thing + I know how they react when people request books. Not in a positive way, and I have never seen any books actually be added. Not even books so their series would be complete and not have holes (they often have books on their shelves that are book 2, 5, 7 in a series rolls her eyes).

I got plenty to read, and I am eager to get started! Though I also have tons of new books that arrived a few days ago. So many books! is happy but also wondering what to read first

Bat and the Waiting Game by Elana K. Arnold, Charles Santoso
Neverwake by Amy Plum
Better You Than Me by Jessica Brody
Laat het een scheet by Nick Caruso, Dani Rabaiotti
The Prey by Tom Isbell
The Way Past Winter by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Legendary by Stephanie Garber

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