Library Haul 9-4-2019

Library Haul 9-4-2019

Hi everyone,

Welcome to a new Library #4 haul, it has been a while. Been so busy + also been sick and I just haven’t had time to visit. I am glad I had time to visit, it was really this week or maybe the next, though next week would mean I wouldn’t be able to bring any books with me. Next week I will be moving (on Friday, eep) and the week after that I will be living in my new house in another town.

I hoped to find some books, their new books in collection didn’t have many books I was interested in or that I hadn’t already gotten from another library. And I did! I found several fun books that I can’t wait to start reading.

I also walked around the library and in my mind said goodbye to everything. I will definitely miss this tiny library. There were some things that didn’t make me a happy girl, but in overall I am still delighted I had 2-ish years of being able to visit, it was such a sweet tiny library. I just wish I had discovered this library (and how close it is) earlier.

Stats: 5 books. 3 picture books, 1 comic, 1 fiction.

NOTE: I need to add almost all of these to Goodreads, will do that as I read them. And so I found out that one of the books that is on Goodreads… was already read by me. Teehee.

Het hart van de trol by Jack Henseleit
Met opa op avontuur by Arend van Dam, Alex de Wolf
Opschieten, oma! by Arend van Dam, Alex de Wolf
Juf Nix snoept (niet meer) by Jolanda Horsten, ivan & illia
Mijn papa is op jouw mama by Ilona Lammertink, Eline van Lindenhuizen

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